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  1. YO Kenny!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. a very meaningful gift to me...from 2 of my dear friends: Amber and Marie
  3. "Fry on their Parents' Back" pictures
  4. Best fishes from best person
  5. Kenny's Discus is established
  6. Feb '07 Select Leopard Snakeskin update
  7. Prices!!
  8. New Forrest shipment for sale (12-2007)
  9. In contribution to Barb Newell's family - 3 groups of Forrest's fish for sale
  10. Kenny is the best!!
  11. Oh, yes he is!!!
  12. Always First Class
  13. Words to describe Kenny................
  14. A BIG THANK TO......
  16. Kenny's Shipment from Forrest
  17. Tony Tan shipment ready for sale (01-2008)
  18. Good Job Kenny! Great fish! Great Customer Service!
  19. Any one got pictures of their Albino Golden White?
  20. 50% Donation to Simply - a few groups of fish for sale at 30% off
  21. Awesome Discus From An Awesome Friend!
  22. Your The Man.....Thanks
  23. My first niece, Kelisse
  24. Pictures of upcoming shipment from Forrest (Feb)
  25. February Forrest shipment for sale (02-2008)
  26. PE n RGD
  27. New fish from my buddy
  28. Fish from Kenny
  29. Wayne Ng shipment ready to go (03-2008)
  30. New fish from Kenny/ Forrest
  31. Just a few pics of fish from previous shipment from Kenny/Forrest
  32. thanks kenny
  33. Thank You Kenny
  34. Hey Kenny
  35. April Forrest shipment for sale (04-2008)
  36. Report on Kenny's Discus - from Forest and Tony Tan
  37. Kenny is the best!!
  38. New Discus from Forrest & Kenny
  39. Mark & Kaceys shippment from Kenny !! w/picts.
  40. Update on the Albino snake Eruptions from April's Forrest Shipment
  41. Albino Maze and Albino SS
  42. New fish from Kenny
  43. New Tony Tan shipment for sale (May 2008)
  44. Thanks Kenny!
  45. Wow!!! Just got my Tony Tan shipment from Kenny!!!
  46. Special sale - a few groups of Forrest's fish at 20%-off
  47. Thanks Kenny
  48. thank you thank you thank you!!!!
  49. Thank You Kenny!
  50. What can I say that hasn't been said over and over again?
  51. Another brag for Kenny
  52. China Earthquake Donation - some upcoming Forrest's shipment fish up for auction
  53. 8 Gorgeous Forrest fish Open for Auction (Proceeds to Earthquake Donation Charity)
  54. email about discus
  55. June Forrest shipment for sale including many Albino strains (06-2008)
  56. THanks Kenny!
  57. Kenny is the best!
  58. Website
  59. They're here!!!
  60. Kenny saved my fish~
  61. My new fish from Kenny
  62. my eyes are hurting..too many fancy fish!!
  63. Chan Kok Eng shipment preview pictures, Coming Soon
  64. My new website built by the one and only Al Sabetta
  65. August Chan Kok Eng shipment for sale-with more adult/sub-adult sizes (08-2008)
  66. Buy Discus? Don't go anywhere but Kenny :)
  67. My new additions from Kenny (Chan Kok Eng's shipment)
  68. Thanks Kenny for such an enjoyable fish ordering experience
  69. Snake skins and Turquoise
  70. First time customer of Kenny Discus - Excellent Experience
  71. Pride & Joy - Kenny's Magic Garage
  72. Receipt from American Red Cross for China Earthquake Donation
  73. Preview of September Forrest shipment...lots of spotteds
  74. Kok Eng Albino LSS Pair and Spawn on 1st week of QT
  75. September Forrest shipment ready for sale, many spotteds of various sizes
  76. A few pics of the fish I got in early August
  77. Kenny's Eruptions doing their thing!!
  78. Thumbs up for Kenny!
  79. Kenyys Eruption's, Fry update!!
  80. Another Happy customer from Kenny
  81. Thanks Kenny!!!!
  82. My Fish from Kenny/Forrest July Shipment
  83. hi kenny
  84. Kenny's Eruptions-Pair #2(Yes, More Fry!!)
  85. Update on some fish from Kenny
  86. Another September shipment preview - Chan Kok Eng with lots of quality Red strains
  87. Kenny's Eruptions-Pair #1 (New Pictures
  88. September shipment II of Chan Kok Eng ready for sale with many nice Red strains
  89. Update on the fish I got from Kenny
  90. Kenny YOU DA MAN!
  91. My collection of Kenny's fishies.....!!!!!
  92. Pics of my Sept order from Kenny
  93. Cobalts from Kenny's Sept Shipment
  94. Great job Kenny!
  95. Albinos from Kenny 1st September shipment
  96. Kenny Cheung - Taking customer service to a new level
  97. Thanks Kenny!
  98. Update of Kennys fish after 18 months
  99. Preview of October Forrest shipment...Blues Blues Blues lol
  100. test pictures
  101. Updated WB's & WS's July Shipment
  102. Some pics for Kenny and Forrest
  103. Who excited for Kenny's next shipment!!!!
  104. October Forrest shipment for sale with many quality blues
  105. Discus from Kenny
  106. Altum Floras and Checkerboard Turks from Kenny's Forrest Shipment
  107. NEW background and NEW fish from KENNY!!!!
  108. A Story about Kenny!
  109. New Shipment from Kenny...don't miss this one!!!
  110. My First Discus Purchase From Kenny!
  111. Preview - upcoming November Chan Kok Eng shipment
  112. hi kenny
  113. Blue scorpions/Tiger Red Snakes
  114. San Update from Kok Eng
  115. Carnation Snake Pair 1
  116. Thanksgiving Treat (sort of)
  117. RGD & 3R from Kenny/Forrest
  119. December Shipment?????
  120. Preview of Dec Christmas shipment with many hi-body strains
  121. Dec Forrest New Arrivals ready for sale - with many hi-body strains
  122. New fish from Kenny's Discus
  123. My new fish from the december shipment.
  124. I love my new fish from Kenny!
  125. Got my box today
  126. I love Kenny's discus
  127. Kenny's the best!
  128. My experience with Kenny
  129. Best Wishes
  130. Updates from first order
  131. My first order with Kenny
  132. New Arrivals From Kenny 12/23
  133. My Two Blues.
  134. Should have stayed with the best
  135. My order from Kenny's Discus
  136. First Order with Kenny
  137. My new Leopard Snake Skins from Kenny
  138. Preview of January Forrest shipment, arriving soon
  139. Red Golden Diamonds from Kenny
  140. Dec 2008 purchase experience with Kenny's Discus
  141. Jan Forrest shipment good to go - with lots of actual fish pictures!
  142. The MA group order is very successful
  143. "Kenny, simply the best!"
  144. Picture updates of discus from kenny's Dec. shipment
  145. Kenny's RGDs
  146. hi kenny
  147. Albino discus from Kenny
  148. Preview of Feb Forrest shipment - with multiple Eruption lines
  149. Forrest Red Turquoise 3.5": From Sept 08 shipment
  150. Jan 2009 purchase
  151. PIC from the Jan shipment from Kenny
  152. 3R from Kenny
  153. Feb Forrest shipment ready for sale - multiple Eruption strains
  154. Forest/Kenny's fish
  155. hi kenny
  156. Update Kenny
  157. WOW!!! New from Kenny
  158. Kenny Kenny Kenny...
  159. eruptions from kenny
  160. New Feb Shipment from KENNY!!!
  162. Hey Kenny, check this out :)
  163. My experince with Kenny
  164. Contact Information
  165. My gift to Kenny
  166. Update on Kenny's discus
  167. Super Checkerboard Pigeon Spawn (nth time)
  168. Cobalts from Kenny
  169. Preview of March Forrest shipment - various strains from medium to large sizes
  170. Thank you Kenny... :)
  171. March Forrest shipment w/ 200+ actual tank shots
  172. Thanks Kenny!
  173. A trip to kennys house.
  174. My present from Kenny (JAN-FEB)
  175. Got 5 discus yesterday!!!
  176. my new Altums!
  177. check out my updated photobucket in first post enjoy
  178. Pics of my 4, from the Feb shipment
  179. More Pics!
  180. Yellow Crystals
  181. My jan shipment from Kenny
  182. Albino Goldens from Kenny's March 2009
  183. Preview pictures of Chan Kok Eng shipment - random shots
  184. great discus and service from Kenny
  185. 3-24 a trip to Kenny's house
  186. Some Recent Shots
  187. Great shipment again!!!
  188. Quarantine recommendations for Discus Purchased from Kenny's Discus
  189. Kenny is Simply the Best!
  190. Just got off the phone with Kenny
  191. Can't wait!
  192. Update from Feb. shipment
  194. April Chan Kok Eng shipment for sale
  195. Kenny's April Chan Kok Eng shipment
  196. Kenny's April Chan Kok Eng shipment
  197. Pictures of my order from Kenny's April Chan Kok Eng shipment
  198. Albino Turks & Albino LSS from Sept 2008 shipment
  199. Just got me new fish from kenny!!
  200. Kenny's fish
  201. KENNY IS THE MAN!!!
  202. updated pictures of my APDs and Albino Turks from Kenny
  203. Preview of April shipment II from Forrest - Yellows
  204. Kenny's Jan. Forrest shipment
  205. My fish from kenny april shipment!!!
  206. My recent order
  207. April II/May Forrest shipment for sale
  208. Another Satisfied Customer
  209. Recieve my Albino Alenquer's yesturday.
  210. wild/albinoX intermediate pair
  211. Another great shipment!!
  212. New updated pictures of my discus from Kenny
  213. Update on March special shipment
  214. New Albino Yellow/Whites From Forrest/Kenny
  215. Thanks Kenny!
  216. Picture Gallery for the April/May shipment from Kenny
  217. Awesome shipment
  218. My albino tank
  219. Yellow Crystal Magic
  220. Once again perfect as always
  221. Preview of Middle of May Forrest shipment
  222. Update Photos :)
  223. Yellow Crystal Update
  224. Kennys Tony tans and Forrests rgd
  225. Kenny is the best.
  226. May Forrest shipment ready for sale - vids
  227. Great Discus
  228. Excellent Shipment!!
  229. Wild RSG X Ring Leopards
  230. Albino Pigeon dropping eggs all over!!!
  231. I got them from Kenny!
  232. Thanks Kenny
  233. Just thinkin about... tomorrow...
  234. Another great shipment
  235. My shipment finally arrived !
  236. My albinos arrived today! :)
  237. Thanks Kenny for the great shipment.
  238. WOW! My shipment is in the tank
  239. My New Discus from Kenny!!!
  240. May Kenny/Forrest shipment order
  241. I only have one complaint.......
  242. My fish arrived!!!
  243. One-Year Update on the American Red Cross Response to the May 2008 China Earthquake
  244. Albino LSS intermediate F1 from 8/2008 starts pairing
  245. Pictures of my fish i recived from kenny/forrest!
  246. Good things and bad
  247. Update On Albino Pigeon Blood, I got from last shipment.
  248. my new order from Kenny!
  249. Preview of June Forrest shipment
  250. 3R from Kenny