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  1. Welcome Back Carolina Discus!
  2. QT & Acclimation Information
  3. July Opening Sale
  4. July Marlboro Reds Special sale
  5. Videos of July Sale Fish - Brilliants
  6. Video of July Sale fish - Marlboro Reds & Flamingos
  7. Video of July Sale fish - Albino Checkerboards
  8. *SOLD* Proven Blue SS pair videos
  9. UPDATED Outstanding Super Checkerboard Pigeron Proven Pair available
  10. New fish from Carolina Discus
  11. local pickup?
  12. THANKS ERIC!!!
  13. thank you Eric! my visit to Carolina Discus
  14. Your PMs are full :)
  15. Overdue pics of new pairs
  16. Updated pics of new pairs progress, fry growing out, & some available strains...
  17. A little something special on the way.....
  18. High quality and Healthy!
  19. Some breeding stock videos
  20. Some pairs videos
  21. September special sale breeding trio
  22. Spetember proven pair release
  23. Straight line Red Turquoise proven pair for sale
  24. THANK YOU ERIC!!!!!!!!!
  25. So....
  26. November proven pair release : Brilliant Blues
  27. Albino Cobalts
  28. Blue Face Browns....bad *** fish!
  29. Brilliant Blues 5 Days Later
  30. New Pics New Camera
  31. New pics of stock
  32. Proven pair release Super Eruption x Eruption Leopard
  33. Grade A Straight line Red Turquoise young available
  34. Grade A STRT
  35. Special Reduced Pricing 2/10/13 NEED TANK SPACE SALE: Young Pairs and young adults
  36. Pics of the pairs and young available on reduced pricing...
  37. Went A Little Nuts
  38. Some of Eric's great fish that I recently landed!!! albino cobalt and blue face brown
  39. Standing egg Red Turquoise with Heckle gene pair
  40. Discounts for Premium Members...
  41. A few more pics of SERT with heckle gene
  42. My SCPBs from Eric have layed eggs
  43. Juvies ?
  44. Got shipment from Eric today....
  45. In NC
  46. Buddy IN NC and wants to buy Discus
  47. Contact information
  48. Check us out on facebook!
  49. May proven pair releases albino cobalt & super eruption x ring leopard
  50. Thanks Eric!!
  51. June Sale Proven pairs, breeder females, and select young
  52. New young proven pair of Super Eruptions available
  53. July Young breeding stock grow outs SALE!!!
  54. Thank you again, Eric.
  55. Thank you!
  56. Price Reduced to move...2 "Maybe" pairs available- Pearl Pigeons
  57. Video: "Maybe pairs" Pearl Pigeon pair and Albino Blue Diamond pairs available
  58. 2 pairs of Albino Blue Diamonds available priced to move
  59. New Pairs : Blue Scorpion Selects
  60. Brilliant Heckel new young pair - We have ATTACHMENT!
  61. Proven Pairs New Years Sale
  62. UPDATE 1 Standing Egg Red Turquoise Heckle pair finally!
  63. UPDATE 1 Brilliant Heckle crosses 2nd spawn
  64. Carnation Snakeskin pair update with fry
  65. Brilliant Heckle cross spawn 1 update
  66. New Website and Sale
  67. carolina discus fish
  68. Two New Proven Pairs ready to move out on SPECIAL
  69. Special Sale: Proven Pair
  70. 3.5" Brilliant Heckle Crosses available
  71. Special release...2 pairs of Blue Turquoise
  72. Thanks Eric, Blue Scorpion pair is brilliant !
  73. Back up and running update
  74. Some new pairs we are starting to work with
  75. Sale...min 3" Brilliant Heckle crosses
  76. Carnation Snakeskin sale ...min 3" fish
  77. Eric is DA MAN!!
  78. Please clear your inbox, need to pm you
  79. August Proven Pairs Sale *UPDATED"
  80. August Beautiful Discus Fry Sale
  81. An inside look at Carolina Discus
  82. Very happy with the Heckle Crosses from Eric !!!!!
  83. Late October Proven Pairs and fry sale
  84. Special November Sale grade A young
  85. Sophia Mae has arrived!!!
  86. New February Sale: New Proven pairs and young
  87. *** Updated 3/30*** 2 proven pairs updated with special sale
  88. Egg screen
  89. Upcoming weekend special release...proven pairs
  90. June proven pairs sale
  91. Additional Adult breeder stock release
  92. Special weekend sale...special offer on proven pairs!!!
  93. North Carolina!! Come on and Raise Up!!!
  94. July 20 proven pairs release - GORGEOUS PAIRS!
  95. New Spotted Pairs
  96. Blue Royal discus
  97. Upcoming sale
  98. End of August Sale
  99. UPDATED FRY PICS Late October proven pair release
  100. Tiger Turquoise young available
  101. UPDTAED SALE PRICES FOR QUICK RELEASE *UPDATED PICS* January 2016 Proven pair release
  102. Rose Reds (6"+)
  103. Updated special pricing on January proven pairs ...special release
  104. Fish from Eric
  105. April tank raised juvies available SALE
  106. Outstanding new proven pairs available
  107. Unfortunate update but S**T happens right
  108. What a guy!
  109. Update on progress and several thank you's!
  110. Our New Logo!
  111. Happy New Year...looking forward to 2017!
  112. Getting help from my princess!
  113. Ricky Lim Albino Tiffany Yellow pairs available
  114. Special release: 3"+ Golden Dragon young
  115. anyone know how to reach Carolina discus?
  116. Your Forest discus breeders!!
  117. Visit to North Carolina Discus
  118. where in nc are you