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  1. If you were to breed other than discus...what would you work with?
  2. So this is what happens!!!! Angels anyone!!!
  3. I' know they aren't round... Red footed Tortoises
  4. Brew's other other hobby... some recent pics I took...
  5. Looking for Natural areas East Coast USA for Pictures
  6. wild blue X Domestic Turquoise cross
  7. A pair and fry pics ..
  8. Beef heart lunch...sort of..
  9. Chinese teas help..
  10. Cigars? any afficianados out there?
  12. A Basic Discus Guide...
  13. Always thought she was an Angel....
  14. My Forrest Red Turqs
  15. Swamped...
  16. Eat strawberries...READ THIS!!!!!
  17. Very Cool vacation and New Fish....
  18. Metallic Bee photo Essay...
  19. Bee mimic and spider pics
  20. What a Trip!!!!!!!
  21. Really BUGS Me!!!
  22. THank god for my wood stove....
  23. WOW...I GOT TANKED!!
  24. Archery anyone...
  25. Another Project with the kids...
  26. A pic for Ryan...
  27. Wish me luck...Poison Ivy VS Man
  28. wow..what a great Idea...
  29. Got to Love it...Car problems...
  30. Some info and a new old Hobby...
  31. Battleship cove --amazing place
  32. New Breeding Project...Not Fish...but challenging none-the-less....
  33. Been a long time... Pics for Rick
  34. Breeding my snakes this year..
  35. Waterfall pics
  36. Be careful what you wish for...many mouths to feed now! Lol
  37. I've been busy!
  38. Okay, I have found something Really cool !! I think!
  39. Absolutely beautiful...
  40. Tortoise Tank Build out..
  41. Beef Heart Helpers.. A Cat's Tail
  42. Book Lovers?
  43. An old Cross revisited....
  44. The Field Museum,Chicago --Pictures
  45. Great Lakes Road trip 2016
  46. Lost my Best Bud yesterday...a Feline friend like no other.
  47. Counting our blessings... yesterday we got very lucky.
  48. Anyone have a diabetic Cat or Dog?
  49. My snakeskins eggs hatched!
  50. Fry Feeding time ****UPDATED****
  51. F1 Wild Green X Blue Snakeskin fry and updates!
  52. I hate Mice!