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  1. Albino Red Melon x Mercury
  2. Curipera X
  3. Albino San Marah x Snow White
  4. Albino San Marah x Virgin Red
  5. Albino Red Spotted Green x Mercury
  6. Virgin Red x Albino Red Melon
  7. The honeymoon suites
  8. T-Aqua Red Turquoise (Old German)
  9. testing
  10. White spotted x Red White F1
  11. Mercury x red F1
  12. WangNichols throwback F1's
  13. Snow White (F1 pb) x Brown Based Red (F1)
  14. Playing around with the Heckel Bar
  15. Wayne Ng White Eruption x Ricky Lim Golden
  16. Snow leopards with fry
  17. Contest SS x T-aqua Red Turq
  18. Another Crazy Cross :p
  19. second batch of APD x Mercury-the browns
  20. Busy
  21. blue faced brown
  22. contest batch 3 F2
  23. contest SS x heckle leopard x
  24. Snow leopard x Red Whitef1
  25. contest group 2 pb x contest group 3 pb
  26. what has been going on lately
  27. this batch is starting to make me go hmmmmm...............
  28. Coming Soon
  29. Random growouts
  30. mutt update