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  1. Welcome to the Neighborhood Mishka!!!
  2. I finally own a home!!
  3. I think I am going to have to open a hatchery!!!
  4. A sense of accoplishment and Thank You Simply peopleand Bill (Inland Empire Discus)!!
  6. Oh the stupidity of me!!
  7. California Freaks in the House of Geh-Tao
  8. Sometimes you have to call 'em how you see 'em.
  9. Sometimes you just need to switch it up!!
  10. Walter's Red Lady and others at the House of Geh-Tao
  11. New Recruits and a Visitor to the house of Geh-Tao!
  12. Sometimes They need to Stay in the Community Tank...
  13. T-Aqua Red Turquoise Offspring
  14. Finally something going on in the House of Geh-Tao!
  15. Drama at the house of Geh-Tao never stops!
  16. T-Aqua RTs are where?
  17. Signs of new life at the House
  18. Cleaning out the cobwebs!
  19. My first batch or wrigglers in a while
  20. Second time around
  21. Altum Flora pair