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  1. water change
  2. Prime vs safe...... Again
  3. Phosphates are Climbing, Any Idea?
  4. where the heck is the city water report
  5. Tds meter
  6. Water questions (water parameters included)
  7. water quality in Sarasota, FL
  8. Removing Phosphates with Charcoal
  9. If You Own A Water Well- Don't do This !!
  10. What additives to add to RO?????
  11. Fluval u4
  12. Water Movement
  13. Automatic water changes- what are the ways?
  14. "Portable" RO unit?
  16. Is this hobby the cause of a high water bill?
  17. Pump for WC
  18. 90% water change
  19. seachem prime
  20. Pre-mixing SAFE?
  21. Automatic Water Change Design Review - What are your thoughts?
  22. Tds meters used for waterchange
  23. Chlorinated Tap Water Users - Sodium Thiosulfate, why not?
  24. Need help ASAP - Jager Heater
  25. Deciding on Temperture Controller due to Jager heater issues
  26. moving aquarium, need anwset asap
  27. garbage bins for water storage do or don't
  28. Aging water question
  29. Bare bottom green water
  30. Tap water question
  31. Bacteria starters do they work
  32. Ceramic Rings Quantity?.... Ebay OK?
  33. Aquarium Maintenance Question
  34. water problems
  35. high nitrite readings in aging barrel
  36. Water became cloudy next day after water change
  37. New RO/DI System Low Water Pressure
  38. 40% daly water change for 8 juvie discus?
  39. nitrates 5.0 ppm. straight from tap? question, help!
  40. Don't Freak! A year without heating Discus tanks
  41. RO produce very low pH water. The pH is even lower after the DI
  42. Cycle not completed ??? Nirate is always 0
  43. question about rocks causing water issues?
  44. Different test kits give discordant results.
  45. Water Well filtration system
  46. water questions
  47. Any of you have tried pH Balancing Ceramic Filter from Watts Premier
  48. RO membrane cleaning
  49. Lowering ph
  50. Darting Discus -- Could it be back heater?
  51. Where would i find my city water report???
  52. what do you use to change the water
  53. Portable RO??
  54. Hooking up ro unit.
  55. Does dry foods impact TDS?
  56. large central system and Ozone
  57. How do I clean an Eheim Professional supply/return hoses?
  58. Home need plumbing repair?
  59. Guy at lfs says filterguys ro/Di trash.
  60. Can I breed discus in water like this?
  61. Ph and ammonia
  62. Weird fungus growth in a cycling tank...
  63. How do I seal a leaking plughole fitting?
  64. best canister filter opinion?
  65. Ro/Di unit
  66. Analyze my water report please (fighting bad hatch rates
  67. soft water how important
  68. Kitten and new RO/I unit don't mix
  69. critique my plans for a filter system
  70. RO/Di Water question
  71. Chad Hughes; Please help re: Substrate change out/Nitrates planted Discus tank
  72. Low tds
  73. pH of ro/di and tap water blend
  74. Need Suggestion Plumbing Parts Price List??
  75. Ozone, carbon & Discus?
  76. prime and ammonia/nitrite
  77. High nitrate from the tap
  78. What water conditioners do you use?
  79. Seachem Safe
  80. Need help with RO / Di system functions
  81. preparing water in breeding tank
  82. Perfect Water PH level and GH???
  83. Flourish Excel dangerous?
  84. Heater for 180gal
  85. r/o water and wilds
  86. KH powder
  87. Strange water
  88. preserving the biofilter
  89. Setting up my RO Unit - Have some questions
  90. Trouble cycling my QT tank
  91. Using water change water
  92. Water Changes
  93. Easy-Life fluid filter medium... ????
  94. What are my options with high nitrites in tap water in Northern Virginia?
  95. how often should i change my water
  96. tell me about 'water softening' - chemical impact
  97. What do you use for aging your water?
  98. how well does discus tolerate ph swing. ph 7.5 -> 8.0
  99. Relationship between ammonia, nitrite, and nitrate concentrations
  100. water in sacramento ca??
  101. water change equipment????!!!??
  102. 11/29 today only cheap watercond.
  103. PH of RO tap water blend
  104. grow out water
  105. Solas Salt...???
  106. Age water... With prime or without???
  107. submersible pump to drain a tank?
  108. PH!!! help! info needed...
  109. maintaining pH with water changes
  110. Water questions city water
  111. Bleach
  112. water python
  113. Using PRIME....?????
  114. pH/GH/KH
  115. HOB filter system question....
  116. Temperature variation during water changes
  117. Filter media question..?????
  118. Tiny SAFE(Seachem) Measuring Device
  119. check out my *custom* water storage barrel!!!!
  120. Anyone using a water softener without ro?
  121. water chemistry....GH, KH, TDS - my parameters
  122. Ammonia,PH,KH
  123. someone PLEASE talk to me about potassium & Discus
  124. Raising Discus in San Francisco Water?
  125. Question about white stuff in water.
  126. A few questions about adjusting RO /DI water
  127. Adult Discus: How Much Water Exchange Is Enough?
  128. Footnote To Prior Post
  129. Water Advise Please
  130. cycling with a seeded sponge
  131. TDS meter
  132. Completely gone off the deep end (according to my wife)
  133. RO/DI question
  134. Enough filtration?
  135. PH drop
  136. algae growth
  138. Help with GH and KH
  139. Algae nightmare: Please help
  140. more ro questions
  141. Adding filtration
  142. Using RO Right Question
  143. PH and water changes question
  145. Ageing water
  146. UV sterilizer for water storage barrel???
  147. water chemistry question
  148. NEW TANK SET UP..............................................
  149. Co2 and it's effects on ph and kh
  150. anyone a dripper
  151. who uses straight RO???
  152. Anyone use the dual output RO systems? Portable cheaper, why (versus 'traditional')
  153. Will this work for soften
  154. Would this work to soften
  155. New to Discus advice please
  156. ADDING chlorine to disinfect water - dosage????
  157. brand of ro unit
  158. Anyone any ideas re my cloudy water in my non discus community tank?
  159. puzzled
  160. Aging barrel
  161. acclimation question
  162. Black water extract worth a darn??
  163. Ph
  164. Discu Water PH 8.0 What should I expect?
  165. RO/DI - Install question
  166. Giant Blues in RO waste (reject)...
  167. small particle dirt floating
  168. How do pH changes affect fish? How does chlorine harm fish?
  169. Question on De-gassing
  170. water perameters
  171. Water Test Kit/Equipment Recommendations
  172. PH in tank at 7.6. Aged water at 8.2. dKH 8. How to chg water without osmotic shock
  173. how are these water #s ?
  174. need to cycle with heavy water changes?
  175. ising my raw water for discus
  176. Help with PH stability!
  177. Removal of PP and duration of treatment (Non discus community tank)
  178. Best Options for softening water without RO?
  179. Direction for Seachem Safe
  180. Changing Gravel
  181. Do I need an airstone?
  182. ro hookup???
  183. Rain Water instead of RO water?
  184. Mixing Valves Has Anyone Tried Them?
  185. RO Water PH
  186. chlorine question
  187. High PH and Hard Well Water
  188. so i dont get this chart or how much safe to use
  189. Iron bacteria, water softener, and sodium
  190. Water
  191. Brown Algae and sponge filters
  192. cloudy water
  193. Trying to get this worked out.
  194. Tankless water heater and whole house filter...?
  195. ive never had this happen before
  196. check this out
  197. TRying to one day keep/ not breed rams and cardinal tetras.
  198. Micro Bubbles: should we care?
  199. water flow
  200. Seachem Free ammonia test
  201. Cleaning a RO Unit System/Tank
  202. Purigen and canister filters
  203. Discus & water changes..could it be what we're putting in rather than taking out?
  204. Sodium Thiosulfate?
  205. daughter saves the day
  206. Has anyone tried HANNA HI98129 Digital pH EC TDS Tester Meter, 98129
  207. why does my ph drop
  208. where did my nitrates go?
  209. DWP has messed with my water again. Need help.
  210. whater changes and PH fluctation Help and Comments
  211. More chloramines in the winter?
  212. Ammonia coming out of RO system!
  213. Extremely high nitrate in Tap
  214. My discus bio filter has crashed, please help!
  215. How Do You Heat Your Water?
  216. Conductivity calibration
  217. Opinion on "RO or RODI" systems
  218. Tap or ageing water?
  219. How to test for NH3 NO2 NO3 without kits ???
  220. Please help with my water parameters.
  221. i have a tank like this brand .. with top filter itself
  222. ammonia after cycle
  223. Grows like crazy
  224. Wayne PC4 Transfer Pump - Anybody have one?
  225. Water Conductivity can this be right?
  226. green water color
  227. canister filters
  228. Discus filter
  229. Looking for insight to discrepancy in Water Parameters
  230. "Micro bubbles" even in aged water?
  231. RO Unit won't hold TDS and PH
  232. Plumbing repairs needed in basement?
  233. RO recomendation needed
  234. What do you use to age water in?
  235. Ammonia
  236. pH vs kH vs TDS
  237. terrible mistake...
  238. Plumbing Problem?
  239. Nitrate issues
  240. what is the ideal temperature for juvis and adults ?
  241. How to maintain Cycled Filters
  242. Hamburg Mattenfilter
  243. Water Storage
  244. Marineland media container
  245. canister filter hose cleaning - how ofter??
  246. A few questions
  247. UV Sterilizer
  248. recon RO water / Can't use tap
  249. Lets Talk water changes :p
  250. Don't want canister