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  1. Welcome to the neighborhood Jullian (Pardal)
  2. German Red Turq from Hans are a Breeding Machine.
  3. Brilliant Pair from Ryan, Ricky Lim type.
  4. Juvies from the first spawn of German Red Turqs from Hans.
  5. Changing the Landscape still work in progress.
  6. Julian breeders
  7. My new addition L-14 Goldie
  8. New look same old tank
  9. Less than a year old
  10. Working with Royal Alenquer and female Red Turq
  11. True pair Wild/ Silver Veil Angel cross.
  12. Two batches of Veil with Super Veil Angels
  13. Blued Face Heckel and Stendker Red Turquoise pair up.
  14. Red Carnations Possible Pair from Kenny's
  15. Veil Silver Pair with excellent parent instincts
  16. Face lift to an old tank
  17. Fill the 150g tall.
  18. Add some plants, to my Display
  19. Young Blue Diamonds Pair
  20. The shrimp tank , aka my potted plants cleaning station.