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  1. My 6' Heavily Planted Discus Tank.
  2. A look around a section of my fish basement!
  3. Welcome to your Homestead Ryan
  4. Discus
  5. First Piwowarsi Cobalt pair has formed.
  6. Second Piwowarski Pair has Formed!
  7. Third Piwowarski Discus pair has formed!
  8. A look at a few of my Breeding Pairs!
  9. Merry christmas simply discus!
  10. 4th Piwowarski Pair To Form
  11. 5th Piwowarski Pair Has Formed
  12. 6th Piwowarski Pair! Ring Leopards!
  13. Dickson Lim Golden Base Spotted Pair Guarding Eggs!