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  2. Introducing the iTrader Feedback System
  3. Homestead Sites on SimplyDiscus... what are they?
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  5. Only just found this site!
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  7. New to Discus and the Forum
  8. New member here !!!
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  10. Took the Plunge!
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  14. How did you hear about SimplyDiscus!!
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  16. Should I even try?
  17. New to discus, here is my community tank.
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  21. Iím new
  22. Posting Basics
  23. Long time hobbyist, but new to Discus
  24. Returning to Discus after a long break.
  25. Greetings from Ireland
  26. Hey all
  27. Long Time Reefer Turned to the "Dark Side" :-)
  28. I am Back!.... 15 years later!!
  29. Setting up a new tank
  30. I want to share experiences with you
  31. Bangkok discus aquarium
  32. New to Forum, not to fishkeeping.........
  33. Hello from Bend, Oregon!
  34. Well Hello There..
  35. Back again Hello to everyone
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  37. Hello All
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  40. Hi - Jack here this AM
  41. An Old Member who Finally Got Around to Browsing the Galleries
  42. New Discus tank with 4 three inches Discus need help !
  43. Hello everyone!!
  44. Hey
  45. need help with my discus
  46. 90g tank with 35g sump?
  47. New member from Nova Scotia , going to try and breed two pairs possibly
  48. Cycling
  49. Hello from London
  50. Greetings People
  51. Male or female discus????
  52. New to the forum and to discus fish in general, Hi!
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  54. PLEASE HELP with my discus fish
  55. Hi Im Tim from Belgium
  56. New to the forum and to Discus.
  57. Discus Planning
  58. Hakari Bloodworms and Beefheat
  59. Introduction
  60. New to the discuss hobby.... like to make sure Iím on right track.
  61. Hello everyone!!
  62. Tried to talk husband out of discus - I failed so here I am!
  63. Petco had a sale...
  64. Hi guys and gals
  65. Happy to be here
  66. Hey there!
  67. Finally Decided to take a leap
  68. Discus is looking bad!
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  70. New to the Forum - After some advice
  71. contemplating discus. can i do it with my current set up?
  72. How long it takes for the activated carbon to remove medication ??
  73. Hello from Brisbane, AUS
  74. Greetings!!
  75. Greetings everyone!
  76. Hello from the UK
  77. Hello from the U.K - Discus scare last night after water change
  78. Hello from sunny South Africa. I need all the help i can get