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  1. Worries :/
  2. Beginner Discus Are they cichlidae?
  3. Trouble finding backgrounds
  4. Best lighting
  5. Day three
  6. Help need with aggressive Yellow Marlboro
  7. Will this work
  8. Ammonia testing frequency
  9. New tank coming can I cycle the new filter on one of my other tanks?
  10. What type of discus is this?
  11. Few Newbie Questions...
  12. Automatic water change will this work?
  13. thanks
  14. What type of discus?
  15. Frustrated...have I totally messed up this cycle
  16. breeding behaviours
  17. Revamped 55 gallon
  18. Seeded sponges not working, discus in uncycled tank
  19. Questions around setting up a new 90 gallon Discus aquarium
  20. Q&A for Discus Beginners
  21. juvenile discus shape
  22. Ageing Tap Water & WC
  23. Saying Hello
  24. New member intro with a couple of questions.
  25. Proven Pair in a planted community tank?
  26. Hello all
  27. ph swings
  28. Hello
  29. Catching the dithers
  30. Can fish and plants transfer?
  31. Water Changes
  32. New to discus (and what we have learned in the last 2 months)
  33. Stendker vs Asian
  34. Does sump volume count towards number of fish?
  35. Reluctant Discus Owner
  36. Black Friday Sales
  37. Driftwood question
  38. New to the discus world!
  39. Discus Panic and are going to hurt themselves?!
  40. What am I doing wrong
  41. Lfs has Stendkers
  42. Thanks simply discus people from beginner. short video
  43. Upgrading to a bigger tank
  44. New Tank, PH question
  45. Any expirence with CADE aquariums?
  46. Discus stocking
  47. A Few Questions Before I Get Started :)
  48. Are there ever days where you just don't have time to do a water change?
  49. Beginner with a new canister filter needs help!
  50. New to discus.
  51. Are my babies stunted?
  52. Getting some new fish what do i do?
  53. Are Scarlet Red PB discus
  54. Filtration
  55. Third wheel Heckel *sad face*
  56. Don't add fish from petco/petsmart
  57. When is it overdoing it?
  58. Seachem root tabs increasing EC?
  59. When do you know what the final color/pattern will be on a discus?
  60. new to the world of discus
  61. Ghosts and the Darkness
  62. Fluval Studio 900 Vid
  63. My Discus tank in low light
  64. Blood worms
  65. New Discus Tank!
  66. Queenslander wanting to get into Discus
  67. Water Changes based on Parameters?
  68. Hello
  69. Wat to do now
  70. Names Please
  71. Please help Identify my Strains =)
  72. Too much aggression?
  73. eggs for first time
  74. new to discus
  75. How much Hikari frozen bloodworm cubes per feeding?
  76. Want to go BB
  77. Newbie need help: Discus spawned in my community tank
  78. what this
  79. Rainbow cichlid fry
  80. My 1st Attempt to set up a low tech Planted Discus Tank
  81. First discus
  82. Tips for getting new discus to eat
  83. Hello! I'm new!
  84. Reluctant Discus Owner AGAIN!!
  85. New to discus, would love beginner advice.
  86. rest of the babies are in....plus an extra guest
  87. Setting up my first discus tank! (It's planted, don't panic)
  88. How long (time) does it take a Discus to reach max size?
  89. What small schooling fish works well and is hardy for a 120g?
  90. Miscellaneous Setup Questions
  91. Hello everyone Please make sure that I am on track
  92. I am getting first four Discus today. Input???
  93. Seeded cycling
  94. I need to stop visiting the lfs...
  95. Sorry for the novice question......
  96. Need Identification
  97. 40 breeder or 55 gallon
  98. Filtration for grow out tank
  99. PH Trouble....Advise please
  100. Grow-out tank questions for a Discus newbie
  101. My 110g Beginner Discus Tank
  102. Size of sponge filter and questions
  103. Adults vs. Juvies competition
  104. Switching From African Cichlids to Discus
  105. Finish stocking up my tank
  106. Hello
  107. Turn the lights off for new fish?
  108. Please advice - just got discus for my 100 gallon planted
  109. Advice
  110. Discus Strain - Snow White?
  111. ph question
  112. Training discus to eat new food
  113. about nitrate levels
  114. peppering and background colour
  115. Aquarium salt
  116. Smallest wild Heckel is being a jerk
  117. Not new to fish but new to discus.
  118. High nitrate in tap and discus not eating. Help!!!
  119. Keep help
  120. Reluctant Discus Owner UPDATE
  121. Planted tank, in the making
  122. Advice on tank
  123. LFS wilds have finally established a new pecking order
  124. Moving fish to a new tank
  125. Beefheart
  126. New Discus in 10 Gallon Tank
  127. New to the site. New to discus. Asian or German? Reputable sellers near chicago?
  128. upset
  129. Using Seachem Pond Prime instead of Seachem Prime, help with dosage
  130. Accumulating new discus
  131. Basic newbie questions
  132. New to SD and Fascinated !!
  133. Is my Tank Over Crowded?
  134. Identifying a strain?
  135. First tank for Discus
  136. Hello SD folks! Getting ready for my first Discus
  137. Cycling and frequent water changes...
  138. Intake and Outake Tubes of Canister
  139. Auto Feeders
  140. 90 gallon hex tank
  141. Discus fish colors
  142. Id please
  143. New Discus
  144. Should I Start Small??
  145. streak across body of discus
  146. Help
  147. Hi guys I NEED YOUR HELP
  148. crushed mosaic stones for substrate
  149. What strain are these?
  150. New To Discus
  151. RO unit and aging barrel setup newbie questions- please help
  152. Please help with float valve & aging barrel questions?
  153. Newbie- sump questions. Please K.I.S.S.!
  154. New here
  155. best shape of a discus tank
  156. Discus Basics for Beginners - Guide to Getting Started with Discus - last Sticky
  157. An Invite to come along on a Journey....
  158. Help to ID discus
  159. Acrylic or Glass Tank
  160. Skimmer for sump or not
  161. Nothing but frustration!!
  162. Never order fish from Somethingsphishy site again
  164. A Noob Question about Tank Size...
  165. Substrate and Filter Question
  166. First Time Possible Discus Owner, Is it possible?
  167. What kind of discus!
  168. Need advice on my readiness for either adult shoal or a pair of RTs
  169. Need more help...
  170. eye colour
  171. How or can I create a less stressful environment?
  172. How many discus? 360 liter / 95 gallon planted community tank
  173. Inquiries about New Discus Setup
  174. any room for discus?
  175. Water Change Schedule For Adult Discus?
  176. still love discus, 75 is not ready yet
  177. Sump set up plan, will it work?
  178. Shimmering lights for Discus tank
  179. How do I start
  180. Discus tank conversion
  181. I'm tired....
  182. Pool sand and under sand biological filtration
  183. Growing out in 34g?
  184. Changing water daily - fish get stress?
  185. Position of discus tank!
  186. Completely stressed out...
  187. Total frustration
  188. Canister filter outflow
  189. Tank Placement Concerns
  190. How long before discus get used to you??
  191. Advice Needed! Help
  192. Nitrogen cycle reminder for new aquarists...
  193. Wipe down of tank
  194. Rose Red?
  195. Opinion on this Red Melon
  196. Advice for a total beginner
  197. Should i get 3" Discus or 4" Discus? first time
  198. Help with new discus planted tank.
  199. nitrites
  200. DAS hits again - 5 new discus + a tank!
  201. NaCl bath question
  202. Alpha Discus not playing well with new friends.
  203. filtration
  204. discus fish quantity
  205. Grow out tank for n=5 Discus (3" in size)
  206. filtration question
  207. Adding new Discus/Pecking Order Time
  208. Do discus become more round with age?
  209. Are the plans for my first Discus tank setting me up for success?
  210. I need some serious help!
  211. What Strain is this?
  212. New to discus-Have some questions
  213. Big water changes and cycling
  214. How to feed my discus
  215. Thoughts about setting up a Discus tank
  216. new discus adjust to lights
  217. Juvies really skittish now!
  218. grow out question
  219. Raising juvies in BB - need advice!
  220. Opinions on Discus
  221. beginner deciding discus vs reef
  222. what kind of discus is this?
  223. Need help
  224. Goliath is a bully!!!!!!!!!!!!
  225. Starting a 75g Discus Tank
  226. Amazing strain? Latest strain? Red Eagle?
  227. Comment on this Blue Diamond
  228. length of tank?
  229. dual heater control
  230. New Member Need a Little Direction
  231. liquid rock
  232. Advice on new discus setup
  233. Comment on this Golden Yellow
  234. Moving tank from one location to another
  235. What discus is this?
  236. New to Discus
  237. lighting question
  238. k1-k3 kaldnes and bioballs
  239. From indonesia Comment please
  240. is BB ok for other fish?
  241. QT for multiple different breeds of fish
  242. What do you guys think about the following Discus
  243. Will this filtration system work?
  244. Fish from different sources
  245. New to the forum and discus keeping
  246. New to Group & Discus
  247. New to Forum and Discus
  248. My Turquoise Discus
  249. Exactly what not to buy!
  250. Seeding a filter question.