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  1. ??
  2. ammonia level
  3. Heater Question
  4. New Discus and feeding
  5. Very strange behavior
  6. 1 inch Discus
  7. How much to actually feed?
  8. One of my discuss getting bullied & taking stress. Need some suggestion.
  9. Discus still skittish after first month
  10. Hiding spots? Yay or nay?
  11. At a loss as to what to do
  12. It was going so well
  13. Why Buy Discus Here?
  14. Considering removing my sponge filters
  15. Quarantine tank- to cycle or not?
  16. PH discrepancies
  17. Treating for Hex and still seeing white.clear stringy poo.
  18. Water testers
  19. Just got my first unconfirmed pair of Discus, Video included, lots of questions also!
  20. Need advice for pH and to heat water for WC
  21. Feeding
  22. Mom Seeking Answers to MANY questions....are we in over our head?
  23. Feeding
  24. What to do when the babies grow up and get frisky?
  25. Cleaning Plants
  26. My community fish got ich, how do I prep my tank for Discus?
  27. Letís start at the beginning...
  28. Drip system issue
  29. Stocking - all at once v gradual
  30. Quarantine tank Just
  31. Beat up Discus
  32. Drama in the QT Tank
  33. New Discus Juvies Skittish since taking sand away
  34. Please help me start right! Beginner questionnaire answered. NEED INPUT!
  35. Getting ready to get my first grow out tank set up
  36. Large Water Changes and Tank Cycling
  37. Mixing stock
  38. Ro filter?
  39. Juvenile Discus feeding schedule with a fulltime job
  40. Beginner, please help. Rate my fishes and microscope movies. Thanks!
  41. Starting Point
  42. A few questions
  43. How much is to much.
  44. beginners questions
  45. Thoughts on roe for food?
  46. Is a Fluval FX6 to Much for a 90 Gallons (340 Liters)
  47. New to baby discus
  48. 4-4.5" Discus
  49. Suggestions on Red discus
  50. How many to reduce aggressive fighting.
  51. Beginner/Discus Questionnaire
  52. Back in the Hobby after 8 years and got a Stocking/Equip List Please Advise
  53. Aggression for a beginner
  54. Sick fish?
  55. New Fish Not Eating - When is it time for Concern
  56. Did I get ill advice? Can I keep Discus with this KH & GH? Also, Cycling 3rd Day ?!
  57. Hello
  58. New discus doing great, Rams not so much
  59. Drip WCs and Cycling?
  60. Question about stock in aquarium
  61. Discus darkening by tank decoration permanent?
  62. Do I have too many fish in my 50gallon?
  63. Discus Tank situation for adding fish to solve some issues
  64. Pair Health Worries
  65. Will my tank cycle again if I switch the substrate?
  66. Question on BBT's
  67. Discus bullying
  68. Should I quarantine
  69. Discus Strains
  70. What is the best way to add 2 more discus?
  71. Water change schedule
  72. How many & Tankmates question
  73. Weekly fasting, yes or no?
  74. A question for Beginners.. What do you want from the hobby?
  75. New Discus not eating
  76. Daniel's Tank Setup and Questions
  77. Tips on moving a tank
  78. What size wavemakers, if any?
  79. My Discus
  80. Discus having trouble eating
  81. Snow white Discus
  82. Keeping Yellow Discus Yellow
  83. precautionary worming
  84. I did it!!
  85. Grow Tank Size Recommendation Please?
  86. I'm new to Simply Discus and I have some beginner questions. (Template)
  87. Smallest discus had a shimmy...WC all good now?
  88. VIDEO/GUIDE : How to do Water Conditioning for Discus Fish Tank
  89. Planted Discus tank planning
  90. Video On How to do Bare bottom Tank Maintenance
  91. Yellow discus and beef heart
  92. new to discus hobby
  93. My discus are one year old, the story of the dirty dozen so far.
  94. How red can you get?!
  95. Answers to questionaries
  96. My shaking discus
  97. Young discus pair laying eggs
  98. Does a stunted pair produce stunted offsprings?
  99. Discus water change help
  100. Best website for buying discus
  101. Noob Discus Question
  102. Setting up a new discus tank, criticism welcomed!
  103. Breeding Pair Not Feeding
  104. Worm Feeder Cones
  105. Discus tank mates
  106. Golden State Discus
  107. Water change pic
  108. Starting a discus tank.
  109. Discus Chase neon tetra
  110. newbie: Lighting for new Discus tank
  111. Discus food variety
  112. What size to buy?
  113. False sand bed
  114. Water changes, filtration, diet and growth
  115. New home, new water. Is it still ok?
  116. Remodel
  117. Acclimating New Discus
  118. New food and Ro water
  119. How to measure Nitrate and Ammonia levels?
  120. Please help!!! My discus getting bullied by others
  121. Discus floating upside down!
  122. New Tank Setup
  123. Thoughts on adding rams and cardinals before my 14 2.5 in stendker discus
  124. Discus Breathing Heavy, is this normal
  125. Advise
  126. Help - Advice needed for moving to Discus tank
  127. How exiting !!! need guidence wasnt expecting this !!!!
  128. From Salt Water Grief to Discus Relief?
  129. two discus pairing
  130. D-I-S-C-U-S - 6 Cardinal Rules for Newbies to Follow
  131. Can discus breed too often?
  132. is this Red melon ?
  133. Starting a 300 litre/80 gallon Discus Tank and need some pointers
  134. Breeders recommend fewer WCs?
  135. Question about Growth and Stunting
  136. A few boring questions...
  137. R/O system and supplies
  138. New to the Forum
  139. New fish died
  140. 1-2 questions before finishing tank setup...
  141. What type of container do you guys keep aging water in?
  142. Help me out
  143. New to discus
  144. Where to buy discus (other fish) online
  145. disc shape
  146. Tank set up/water conditions?
  147. Question about aggressive juvie
  148. Air stones with a Discus tanks are the bubbles bad for them?
  149. Top fish chasing only bottom fish?
  150. Light Duration
  151. Water Change Temp Swings
  152. We need some advice on tank set up!?
  153. How to introduce Remy Nose Tetras to my Discus tank?
  154. Looking for recommendations on where to Buy tank mates for discus neon Tetris etc.
  155. Video/Guide : Complete Guide on Discus Fish Keeping
  156. Stocking 75
  157. Another stock level question.
  158. How to Acclimate new fish to pH of 8.4?