View Full Version : fluval fx5?

Beurre blanc
12-10-2012, 07:19 PM
Hello lads! Tomorrow my local pet store is running a nice sale and reducing the price of all aquarium pump/filters to half price (one day offer). I was looking for a new filter already and was thinking about the fluval fx5. Anyone know if this would be a good/bad idea?

About the tank:

It's a 150 gallon tank, pretty well planted and it's comming a lot more in january. It's partly a community tank, the discus is absolute the main fish but i'm keeping different types of fish too (including a very messy gibbiceps). I'm feeding 3-4 times a day with beef heart so it becomes messy. I try to clean the gravel everyday but i want a good filter for extra help.

I'm currently running a 3338 am-top. My questions about the fluval fx5:

Is the filtration strong enough for my needs?
Can i adjust the strength of it so it's not to much stream/circulation in the water?
Is it easy to maintain, clean and keep operative?
Is this a good brand so i won't risk it crashing down over night (of coruse accidents happen, but you know :))?
Is it very noisy?
Iv'e read it got a automatic WC function, is this true and if so is it hard to install?

I'd be so happy for any answers on my questions. If anyone has a better recomendation then fluval fx-5 i'd be very happy for that too.

12-15-2012, 07:48 PM
I too have a one month old Fluval fx5 on a 150 planted tank with discus. Great flow but I just added a sump that filters 1000 gph. Really made a difference in water quality and ease of media cleaning. Plus was able to hide the heaters.