View Full Version : Eheim 2217 and 2232 Rena XP3

12-26-2012, 02:04 AM
Recently purchased and setup a eheim 2217 and 2232 on a 65g bb tank, the last time I used a canister filter was roughly 10 years ago it was a magnum don't remember the series but I hated it that much scared me for 10 years lol. After reading all the great reviews on here it was either the Rena xp series or the eheim 2217 classic. I'm glad I got the eheim as my friend went and bought the Rena XP3/L (better flow for the buck) hearing both running the eheim 2217 2232 has it beat hands down. I have both 2217 and 2232 running not a sound so quiet, Rena on the other hand you hear it running. Kind of like the 2232 more then the 2217 inlet/outlet flanges seem less easy to break and like the baskets the 2232 comes with making cleaning so much easier. Thought I'd share as was able to see hear both these units running side by side.