View Full Version : water pumps in a sump

03-21-2013, 10:21 AM
my current setup consists of 150gal and 75 gal tank, both have overflow boxes that drain into a 55 gal barrel "filter floss and k1 media" , out of the 55 gal barrel, water flows into 2-25 gal smaller barrels in series "ceramic media", then drain into a 55 gal sump "poret sponge filters". I have 20 adult discus total in the tanks. Right now, i have 2 QuietOne 4000 pumps feeding each tank. Each 4000 series pump uses 65 watts. The head height is between 5-6 ft. I am trying to figure out if i can get away with just using one of the pumps to feed the 2 tanks. Or should i get a single bigger pump? while trying to save some money on electric and still being efficient enough to move the water in and out of the tanks.

As we all know, discus does not like too much current in the water so the flow is turn down on the pumps right now. The reason i have quite a bit of water volume in my setup is because i want to limit water change to once a week and perhaps because i have so much water in the system, the water quality will remain reasonable with the once a week water change. It seems to be working fine as the discus are doing fine. This is an experiment i am trying. Also, i will be adding some plants into the 55 gallon sump this week and it should help this setup even more.

Any suggestions?