View Full Version : Club Green Aquarium Shop -Mt Pleasant, MI

11-10-2013, 11:55 PM
I want to share a great aquarium shop called Club Green that i visited this weekend. The owner, Paul Carroll, is a very experienced and knowledgable hobbyist who is focused on providing his customers with a selection of high quality, hard to find fish at extremely reasonable prices. This is not your typical fish shop -Paul's tanks are filled with the highest quality discus, angelfish, gouramis, shrimp, snails and numerous other fish that I have seen in a lfs. I ended up purchasing a trio of blue diamond discus, a colony of endlers and a L134 pleco that all acclimated well and started eating within minutes of being placed in their new tanks. I highly recommend that you make a trip to the Club Green aquarium shop in Mt Pleasant, MI - you will find an excellent selection of healthy, well cared for fish (and invertebrates). I especially appreciated Paul's willingness to share his expertise. Now I need to set up a few more tanks so I can make a return visit!:)