View Full Version : Wat to do now

12-28-2013, 01:49 PM
Hello all some advice please, got a pair of breeding discus which had free swimmer but for some reason the fry did not attached to the parent and u know what happen...... well trying to get them to spawn again but no luck. Got some advice from this site that I should get another pair and put them together and see wat happen, so I get 2 adult discus which should be a male and a female put them in whith my breeding pair and with in a week the new female spawn with the old male.... I put a divider in the tank now to let the 2 feel safe.
So my question is,
1. Should I leave the tank as it is with all 4 discus in it
2. Should I take the other 2 out and leave the ones with the egg
3. Will the old male spawn with the old female again or should I just keep the 2 with the egg as a pair now.