View Full Version : My 1st Attempt to set up a low tech Planted Discus Tank

01-05-2014, 03:42 AM
After 15 days of starting this hobby, now I am moving to a bit big tank within a couple of week, please help me to give some valuable suggestion as I'm a very very very new comer in this hobby ,
Details :

Tank size : 120 x 46 x 63 cm (module aquarium)
Filter : 1 inbuilt top filter come with this tank ( Filter media normal foam & ceramic ring will add separately ) + Ehiem 2217 or Ehiem Professional 600 ( please advice)
Substrate : Soil substrate ( yet not able to finalized the company, please advice)
Light : inbuilt 2 nos 30W CFL come with this model, I think I need to change this light set up please suggest will I go for T5 or any CFL (is HO CFL available?)
Aquascape : Already I have a old mature driftwood (1 kg) + willing to add some more mature driftwood ( maximum 2 pics) + some stone or single rocks rocks ( can anybody give me a article link for Aquascaping tutorial for beginners ).
Flora :
Anubias Nana
Anubias broad leaf
Anubias Gold
Anubias Lanceolata
Anubias barteri Golden
Java Moss
Java Fern
Echinodorus amazonicus
Chain sword
Amazon sword
Chinese sword

Fauna :
Discus ( 8 pics) ( Is it ok or I need to reduce the number)
tetras ( a school / 20 pics)
clown loaches ( 2 - 4 pics)
plecos and catfish
Feather Fish ( Black Ghost Fish) ( 1 nos, I already have them in my small tank)
2 nos of yellow snails (I already have them in my small tank)
1 nos of betta

Guys Please suggest me this plan is ok or I need to remake it in a new way.................

01-05-2014, 06:42 AM
You may want to slow down a little. Research more on discus and their requirements here on this forum and on the web. Maybe keep some heartier less expensive fish first to gain experience in all the basic areas of fish keeping. I've learned that discus can be pretty tough if kept right, but can be quite a challenge to cure when sickness shows up. It'll be a lot more enjoyable if your knowledge on basic discus keeping is up to par.

01-05-2014, 09:10 AM
I agree with Scales you need to get a little more experience before you want to go with discus especially a planted discus tank. Being that you are a little over 2 weeks into the hobby, I doubt your tank is even cycled. If you wanted (not suggested) to keep discus, I would not do a planted tank and keep it BB to grow the discus out. It makes it easier to clean the tank this way since you will be doing daily water changes. Also those clown loaches IME are too active and can scare your discus. Also, they have destroyed my planted tank in the past. If you have been in the hobby for 15 day I think discus is not the right option right now. Take time review the forum, start on some cheaper hardier fish and then give it a shot. But if you decide you want to best of luck, just something I wouldn't/didn't do.

01-05-2014, 03:42 PM
I have done planted tanks for almost 40 years, these tanks a challenging by them selves and it takes a year to two before a planted tank matures enough to be stable. Planted tanks go through stages and require different nutrients, plants, and maintenance procedures. Discus takes work and is a big learning curve, so combine the two and your hobby becomes extremely complicated. If you want to go with a planted tank then try other less demanding fish with a wider temp. range, which can handle changes in nitrates. If you like Discus go BB do the WC everyday and master them before combining the two.