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Duskfire Discus
02-04-2014, 07:39 PM
All I can say is "wow"
These people are wonderful.
I ordered 4 wild Inanu river discus from them, they had been properly qt-d for about a year and were starting to form loose pairs. According to the seller. They marked them down damn near 50% since I was buying all of them, then when a personal issue came up forcing me to only be able to pay for half of them, they said "no problem" and put me on a payment plan.

I don't know if they just liked me or what, but if they treat all of their customers half this well then you're in good hands.
Here are pictures of my fish, 10 minutes after being in their tank. 30 minutes later they were all eating.
Fish were the fish pictured in his auction without a doubt, only difference is the stress bars are out and about for now.

Very happy and would highly recommend. Felt like I was taking a chance because there wasn't many reviews of these guys on the web in relation to discus. But their other stock has gotten similar compliments so I took a chance.

If they start carrying more discus (and they might if these guys breed ;) ) fear not and buy from these friendly down to earth people. Jason is who I worked with, and he was very understanding and pliable. He also always responded promptly to my many questions.