View Full Version : Canister filter outflow

03-31-2014, 02:16 AM

I am curious where to position my outflow for the best current for discus. I currently have a spray bar attachment on it facing the right wall of the tank (55gal 48x13x21, facing the 13 wall on right side of tank). there is a flow in the tank probably more than my discus like. I was wondering is it better to use the spray bar horizontally across the tank and have it face out, or towards the wall, or just not use the spray bar and have the outflow face the back wall.

Thank you for your input.

03-31-2014, 12:24 PM
True, discus love calm water. But I would place the overflow on the opposite side of the spray bar to ensure maximum water filtration. Depending on how strong the pressure is from the spray bar I would just mount it on the 13" side facing at a 45DGR angle down..........