View Full Version : Question about meds and mixing them

09-17-2014, 11:37 AM
I recently had a treat with Metro and had to order it so I was thinking it would be smart to always have some on hand. I was looking at some of the most common meds listed here, Metro, Kanamycin Sulfate and Bifuran (which I think is the same as Furan 2). I noticed on angels plus web site they had this comment under the directions for Kanamycin Sulfate,

"Some prefer to make an ultra broad spectrum treatment for bacteria, by combining Kanamycin Sulfate, Bifuran and Metronidazole."

My questions are
1. what would be so bad as to have a need to mix all three meds? (I guess maybe you dont know what your trying to treat?)
2. If you did need to do it, how would you proceed as Kanamycin is dosed every 48 hours and Bifuran and Metronidazole are dosed every 24. Do you redose the metro and furan without a water change or would you just do the daily water changes and redose with all three?
3. Am I correct in thinking Bifuran is the same as Furan 2 by API?

was just currious, the only meds I have ever had to use was quick cure, metro and prazi. Hope to not ever have to need them again but I know the need will eventually come again one day.