View Full Version : New Products!

10-15-2014, 09:02 PM
I have been busy working on new ideas, some of which were suggested by Simply Discus Members:)

1. Laser cut acrylic discus "without" engraving, resulting in a cheaper alternative to the engraved window hanging discus 9 colors http://ardanscreations.co/t/window-hangings?page=2

2. Large Laser Engraved and cut Discus wall Plaques http://ardanscreations.co/products/discus-wall-plaque

3. Discus Bottle Openers :D http://ardanscreations.co/t/bottle-opener

4. Cutting Boards :) (maybe for beef heart) http://ardanscreations.co/products/cutting-boards

Also working on some other items.....