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01-16-2015, 10:27 PM
So, I guess my idea for a Homestead is that I’m willing to share my experiences, and see what happens.

I got the aquarium bug as a kid. I’ve had tanks on and off my whole life. I’ve bred bettas, gouramis, African cichlids,…

I honestly can’t remember the first discus I bought, probably from the LFS. I’d been keeping African cichlids, and I think a discus at the LFS caught my eye. I had heard of the “King of the Aquarium” since I was a kid, and I had to try them. Like many, I then bought from “SomethingElse” for a while. The up-side was that I did learn some lessons fairly cheaply, and I did also get a few nice fish, or at least I started to understand what “nice” meant. Somehow, I found SD, and Kenny, and I was hooked for good. I’ve been trying to improve my husbandry, and enjoying the hobby, ever since.