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Md. Shafiqual Alam
04-05-2015, 01:35 AM
Hi Everybody,

Hope you are fine. My problem detail:

-I have been experiencing pop eye problem for my 2 discus fishes. They are about 4~4.5 inch size. I have seen the problem of one fish day before yesterday. One of his/er eye was infected and I thought it may cause be any injuries by tree-root during swimming A year back into another Tank, it was happened for my Silver/Bella Shark and cured automatically). The fish was looking fine other than his/er eye. But yesterday afternoon I found him/er dead when back from work :( . It was one of my favorite fish (muddy gray body with a black ring around his body).

However, this morning I found my another blue diamond seems both eye start poping. I have placed him/er into different 20L tank (with same temp water and mix a very small amount, 1tbl spoon, of aquarium salt) this morning while going out for work.

It may notice that recently, I have placed a small dead nice raintree root collected from under a big pond water at my village. The root was tried to clean using boiled water for more than 2 hrs and soak into fresh water for 2days before putting into aquarium.

some more points:

-Main Tank size approx L36xH24xW30 with around 35 ~ 40 discus (2.5" ~ 4.5"), Tank age 8month, bare bottom

-I do 100% Water change daily from last 3month. Tap water Ph (6.5 - 6.8) from begining stable, TDS 20.

-Origin temp 27c~18c coming from TAP and auto heated to 30c using dual heater.

It may be noted that in my country Discus medicine is not much available. We usually find medicine following generic name of medicine. for example, no shopkeeper never heard about "epsom salt" but they are selling "magnesium sulphate" for more than 50 years :D.

Looking for your feedback to resolve the pop eye issue as soon as possible...

Thank you.

04-05-2015, 05:55 AM
If this will help you I had one of my German Blue Rams with pop eye and I tried a product called Garlic Guard and it stopped the pop eye but now it's blind in on eye. He's back to his old self chasing the female around the tank and greeting me when I walk pass or stop at the tank. It did hurt any of my other fish so give it a try .

04-05-2015, 09:21 AM
Treat with Furan-2