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04-20-2016, 08:19 PM
1) Please Introduce your self and tell us what your experience is with fishkeeping, give us as much information as possible as to how long in the hobby, what you have kept in the past and what you currently are working with.

I have been keeping Cichlids for about 20 years. Recently a Red Devil I had for 10 years passed. At this point I decided to start keeping discus.

2) If you have no previous experience with keeping discus, have you done any research to properly prepare yourself, e.g. have you read any Stickies in this section of SimplyDiscus, or other material?

The first five discus were purchased from a LFS and two of them died before I found SimplyDiscus. At this point I watched Al's video and did alot of research on SimplyDiscus.

3) Describe your tank, its size and dimensions, breeding or display. Include how long it has been setup or if it is still being cycled.

29 gal, QT tank, 5 months
90 gal, Display, 4 months

4) Describe the décor for the tank; type of substrate or bare bottom (BB), whether the tank will be planted or a biotope.

The 90 gal tank is bare bottom, has a 3D background, and two big peaces of driftwood.

5) Describe your water changes planned or practiced, percentage and how often. Include if you age your water and use of tap/RO or mix.

My normal water change schedule is 70% daily, unless there are fish in my QT tank. Then the QT gets 70% and the 90 gets 50% daily. I mix my water 1/3 tap to 2/3 RO in two 32 gal brute cans and age for 24hrs.

6) Describe the type of filtration planned/used for the tank; sponge, HOB and/or sump. Also include the other equipment you are, or will be, using in your tank, e.g. heater, lighting, etc.

The 90 gal. tank has an Eshoppes WD-125 wet.dry sump filter with 2 Finnex 200 watt heaters in it. Lighting: Fluval Aquasky
The QT tank has two sponge filters.

7) If the tank is already setup and running, include the water parameters;

- temp 82-84

- tank ph 7.4-7.6

- Ph of the water straight out of your tap 8.2-8.6

- ammonia reading 0

- nitrite reading 0

- nitrate reading <5

- well water 0

- municipal water 100%

8) Describe your current or planned stocking levels; number/size of discus and number/type of dither fish. Where did you get your discus from or do you have a proposed source for getting your discus?

Three discus from LFS. (first ones I bought)
Three discus from Livefish direct. (second group)
Eight discus from Carolina Discus. (Currently in QT tank)

9) Describe your planned or existing feeding regimen. Include what and how often you are feeding on a daily basis.

They are fed 3-4 times a day.
In the morning Flakes recommended by Eric
Middle of the day Al's FDBWs
Evening Beef heart mix made following John's recipe.(minis venison)
Sometimes flakes in the late evening.

10) What are your goals in this hobby? For example are you looking to keep discus in a planted community tank, or do you hope to become a hobby breeder of Discus? Do you want to raise Discus with the hopes of competing in shows?

Right now my goal is to grow healthy discus for my own enjoyment.


04-20-2016, 08:54 PM
Nice Collection and Thanks for sharing.

04-20-2016, 09:58 PM
Thank you Akili. It's exciting watch their colors come in as they grow.

04-20-2016, 10:09 PM
What strain is the discus in the 2nd pic? I had one that looked exactly like it that I purchased at an auction a couple of years ago.

04-20-2016, 10:14 PM
It is a Stendker Alenquer.