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09-10-2016, 09:09 PM

09-10-2016, 11:38 PM
That seems interesting. I must admit, that would be a first

09-11-2016, 07:36 AM
What's the hobby? Taking pictures or collecting caterpillars? Nice monarch cat btw.

09-11-2016, 01:09 PM
Not really much of a hobby, but I collect native milkweed seeds and share them with folks who want to start monarch butterfly "waystations", small gardens with milkweed and nectar producing annuals and perennials that support the larva and adults. I've got my own in the backyard and I helped kids build one at my school before I retired.

09-11-2016, 01:37 PM
Great idea would hope more people would do it.

09-11-2016, 02:08 PM
I've got a bumpersticker in my truck's back window that reads "Got Milkweed?", draws lots of smiles.

09-11-2016, 05:26 PM
I've got some milkweed growing around the house. I never bothered to identify it until now.

09-12-2016, 12:46 PM
I have some planted here and we also have raised the monarchs on it. .. I need to collect some seeds this year from volunteers and plant some more,

Steve, do you have woodchucks out there? I was shocked all heck to see one eating my milkweed last year. Mowed down to the ground. That stuffs so toxic, yet he had no problems with it. Searched the net and others have seen the same thing!


09-12-2016, 01:50 PM
No woodchucks, but we have pocket gophers. They kind of look like gerbils. They don't mess with the milkweed, but I loose a few garlic bulbs to them every year. I just plant extra and hope my cat catches them. I need to thin out my milkweed garden area next year. Part of it gets too much shade as my trees have grown, it's getting crowded, and with my mostly overhead watering, the shaded stuff has developed a fungus of some sort. Gardens need good husbandry just like discus!

09-12-2016, 03:40 PM
I'd like to plant some. I want wild flowers between my driveway and pasture fence. Wildflower planting time is in the Fall and I have too much on my plate to get it done this fall unless I become Wonder Woman. Am I correct that milk weed should be planted in the Spring? If I planted them in with the wildflowers next fall would the seeds remain viable the following Spring?

09-12-2016, 06:12 PM
Hi Liz,
Milkweed is a weed, and it's seeds can be viable for years. Some varieties actually require the overwintering to break through the seed shell. There are several varieties of milkweed, and I would look for what is native in your area, but if you have a space in mind, you can usually broadcast sow in the fall and expect some plants in the spring. Some varieties spread more than others, and I don't know specifically which, so you have to watch and make sure they don't take over after several years.

09-12-2016, 07:03 PM
Thanks. I'll start researching.