View Full Version : Patience or Medication?

02-21-2017, 05:38 PM
I have 5, 5-5.5" discus in a 75gal tank with 10 phantom tetras and one pleco. They all came from a breeder on this site and have been in my tank for 6 months and doing well. The problem, at least I think its a problem is one fish is refusing to eat and the others are less aggressive at feeding time than they used to be. I feed predominantly
Als FDBW 2-3 cubes a day and mix in some granules from time to time. They will not touch frozen blood worms and never have. Now when I place the cube on the glass they all come running but after a few seconds of eating they start playing keep away from the food and chase each other around. They will slowly pick at the floating worms and eventually will finish off a half cube over time, whereas they would demolish a whole cube in less than 5 minutes. They all have great color, no clamped fins and behavior is still what i call normal except for the appetite thing. All water parameters are in check and temp stays at 82-83. I do 75% WC every other day and keep up with wipe downs and filter cleaning as well as swapping the hoses on my canisters monthly...my tank is clean! Is this just a phase or a precursor that something is going wrong. If so where do I start if the symptoms are only the appetite thing. Also poop is normal, no white stringy or cottony stuff. Looking for advice, thanks in advance.

02-21-2017, 05:48 PM
Just because they eating less is not a good enough reason to medicate them.

02-21-2017, 07:46 PM
No medicating in this case for sure.
Suggest you might try raising the temp by 2 or 3 degrees for just a few days, and omitting any feeding at all for a day or two to see if appetite improvement appears.
Or skip feeding for a day or so, then introduce a bit of new food (good flake, whatever) with some finely diced fresh garlic incorporated. Worth a try.
Otherwise, just be patient for a while.