View Full Version : Shipping notice..AquaticSuppliers Customers please read

07-19-2017, 09:49 AM
Dear AquaticSuppliers Customers,

Please note that I will not be shipping as I regularly do next week(July 24-29) for personal reasons. I will still try to ship orders out but no Guarantees.So expect delays.

Additionally, The past month had seen a backlog of orders due to the farm not being able meet demand. I have filled all those orders to date with exception of two. So if you havent received your order you should shortly.

I have stock coming in and going out very quickly right now and honestly have no idea when it will level off. Please do not wait until you are out of food to reorder. Plan ahead.

My shopping cart is setup to allow you to order if an item is backordered. I will ship these out first as soon as stock becomes available.
The storefront will show if its backordered or not.

Thank you!