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10-20-2018, 03:15 PM
Hello, all! Another new guy from the Pacific Northwest...aka Washington State USA. Not new to hobby, however. I found this wonderful forum because of a link sent to me by Kenny Cheung. A delightful fellow, as you all know. My first batch of discus dates back to a time when I met with Discus legend Herman Chan and Fairy Lake Discus Palace. I believe I bought 12 wild Blue Heckle from him? I bred them in 6 bare 20 gallon tanks with only an inverted flower pot and a wad of peat moss in the filter included.

My work is investment banking and an author of novels. By chance I met a fellow who I had not seen for 15 or so years, his mother had passed, I managed her investment and banking accounts so we had business and a past friendship. I knew that at one time he had breed Angel Fishes so asked if he was still breeding. As it turned out he had left the hobby as well but said that 2 years ago he had began again.

He kindly gave me a tank, filter, everything else. I called Kenny. He chose 5 different starter fish for me. When I began with Discus there seemed to be only 3 different choices and they all came from the Amazon River. I didn't know they now came from Asia in red, blue, gold, poke-a-dot options. I told Kenny I needed to have a flavor of nostalgia in my tank. He was able to accommodate me. Alenquer, he said.

I think if I place that old flower pot into the tank that I may get some little ones somewhere along the way.

I have gained a wealth of knowledge in a very short time by reading all of your helpful posts. Thank you.

10-20-2018, 04:06 PM
You bred heckels? Willie

10-20-2018, 05:21 PM
It seems to me that the only fish that Herman Chan sold at the time were Heckel. My thought was the "Blue" in his business name "Fairy Lake Blue Discus Palace" was derived from those Blue Heckel that he sold. He had others but he seemed to pride himself on the blue ones. Somewhere along the way he may have dropped the "Blue" but as I recall it was in the mix at one time. Or maybe I added the "Blue" over the years? I do recall driving from Seattle to San Francisco to pick those fish up and then back to Seattle with Styrofoam boxes full of fish packed into the car's back seat.

10-20-2018, 06:40 PM
Welcome to the forum nah. Did you get your fish yet? I think you’ll be very pleased with them. Things have changed a lot. People don’t worry about pH so much now as you probably know. What size tank do you have? Are you going bare bottom? Are you getting a mix or all alenquer? Tell us more about your tank and set up.
As a voracious reader, I’m also curious to know what kind of novels you write. Glad you found simply discus. Lots of knowledgeable people here that taught me everything I know about keeping these fish.

10-20-2018, 08:48 PM
Patty, 30 gallons with sand a branch, 3 plants, and a small flower pot just in case. Kenny helped me chose a Blue Scorpion, Red White, Leopard Snakeskin, Albino Mill. Gold, and the Stripe Alenquer.

The novels would be like the TV series JAG, but I was first. I have spent several times on the set, with the actors and producer, and I think they used one of the chapters for a scene in the series. NCIS is filmed on those same JAG sets. JAG but more James Bond like action.

10-20-2018, 10:01 PM
Herman Chan did successfully spawn heckels. He also spawned a lot of heckel crossed to standards and mostly standard crosses. If you spawned heckels, that's something very special.

When I met Herman In the mid-90's, the sign on the store read Fairy Lake Discus Palace, as it does today.


10-21-2018, 07:35 AM
Hi and welcome back to the hobby Nah.
I look forward seeing your collection from Kenny and your tank arrangement too.
Try considering at least 50 Gallon tank in future because 30g can be challenging in keeping your water quallity optimal .
Good luck and keep us updated .

Second Hand Pat
10-21-2018, 10:02 AM
Hi Nah and welcome to Simply. I am certainly glad you hooked up with Kenny for your discus. What size did you get? As Filip suggested, a 30 will be very challenging to maintain discus in for long. My personal favorite size for adult discus is 75 gallons. Gives the fish some wiggle room and you are breathing space on the water quality.

Breeding Heckels is a big deal and if you breed wild Heckels that is some serious bragging rights. :D

10-21-2018, 11:37 AM
Thanks, Pat. The guy who gave me the 30 had up sized to 125 gallon. I suspect as I get back into it I will go larger. This is starter for me and I left it to Kenny to help me with selection and size. I think 3 1/2 + is where I am starting. As for the Heckel. I recall buying 12 from Herman and it seemed to me he did sell me Heckel but I do not recall if they were wild or his own breed. Like I said those were times when there were only 3 versions, all from the Amazon. Disease and Ph were the big concerns at that time. I had no problem getting the pairs to spawn. Twenty gallon tanks, peat moss, and a flower pot is what worked best for me.