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04-12-2002, 07:17 AM
Hi all,
  I have a  problem (well lots but I tell you about this one)...

I had my brother over for a grilled steak last night. Dinner was great, and  after  we went out to soak in my very old and ugly Hottub. While we were in the tub I looked up at my deck, and there was a  young cat slinking around, looking for food. It was thin and very emaciated, a stray for  sure. I have  a general weak spot for animals, but I am a cat lover  extreme. I have 3  all from shelters  that I love dearly. In my 34 years of life I have only spent 4 months without a cat and it was the worst  4 months of my life (mourning for the loss of one I had 19 years)

  This stray hit me hard. I have seen many over the years , but  non like this. It was dragging its hind legs! How it got up the stairs  was to pull itself upwith its front paws! :'(  My brother saw the look on my face and Knew what I was thinking... Got to help this poor cat!

  I tried to approach it but it hobbled away.  After my brother left I put a small paper plate out  with some cut up steak and a pile of dry cat food on it  on the deck. I watched from the window and in 5 minutes he was back.  He cautiously  watched me  thru the door, as he scoffed  down every thing on the plate. After he was done , I tried again to get closer.( I am not worried about  rabies  from it- I'm vaccinated against  it)
Still he hobbled away but not so quickly.

This morning we got up and my wife went out to feed the rabbits,  Our Stray was sleeping on top of the pile of firewood we keep under the decK. He didn't run, just watched us cautiously. He left when we got to close.  I left some food out for him  before work today...

So heres the problem... I  want to help the cat. I know I can catch it eventually. If I do and  bring it to a shelter they may put it to sleep  because of its injuries and it probably has feline leukemia.  I can't take it in, because of my 3 cats health and well being.  It shouldn't suffer like it is, but it is alive and free, and  thats better than humanely destroyed in some  ways.
I am leaning towards just feeding it  outside, and seeing if I can  assess more of its health, I  am also looking at some "safe "shelters.

I know  not everyone is a cat lover here, but if your Dog lover , just imagine the same scenario with a dog.

Okay, thats my story, and I already knwo I'm a sap  so don''t tell me it! ::)

04-12-2002, 09:00 AM
Well, Brew man

Don't know what to tell you I'm A big animal freak not necessarily a cat freak. I would take it to the shelter and let it be put to sleep man. Around here in my parts we have a big problem with local animals. The cats are way over populated (want to find out leave your crawlspace to your house open one night.) I like animals but I am really against over population and stray animals. I hate the fact that I go to work everyday and I will see a different cat or dog dead on the road from cars. It is all because the people do not control there animals. We have free spay serves in town ,yet hardly know one uses them. I guess allot of the reason the populations are so high is because I leave next to a military base (Fort Campbell). I see young military men or couples just dropping there animals on the side of the road or leaving them when they move. because they get shipped of so much. It's rather cruel and childish. Over time this is allot of what hands lead to our over population. So in your case Brew in my area I would have to take it to the shelter, as for none of the Adoption places have room for any more animals.

* * *The other problem in my area that I fight avidly. Is freaking dog fighting there is nothing in the world that pisses me off more. Here is a story for ya. I am a fishing type of guy I love to go. The place I like is this little Rural Watershed Lake. You have to walk a pretty good distance to get to the actual lake but it's worth it. Well in April of last year I was walking my son thru the woods for a little fishing. Now my son is very hyper active and once we go to his favorite fishing spot he runs off to the lake. Leaving me to carry everything. Well this day wasn't any different. *He ran off towards the lake while I gathered up our fishing gear. When I heard the worst thing *a parent could ever hear.
* * *This scream of bloody murder. My son not in my site somewhere in the woods between our fishing spot and me, in this rural area of Ky. Well the heart stopping panic set in while I dropped everything in my hands In a full throttle run into the woods. After about 100 yards or so I find my son hiding behind a tree. A severally pissed off, soaking wet, drug thru 7 levels of Hell Pit Bull backing my son up. With out much thought I shot the dog (Ky. has open gun laws for hunters). After the drama of the moment was over I went to look at the Dog. At first impression I was shocked as I found the Dog was covered in blood. Missing it's hyde on several location of it's body. There were other marks and scars all over the dog such as missing one ear, huge chunks of flesh missing, and deep open wounds thru out it's body.
* * *Well we picked the dog up and took it to or local animal control to be disposed of. This is where I found the story of the dog. The man at animal control tells me that this Dog was probably used for Dog fighting which is very illegal I might add. As he proceeds to tell me about the dog. I hear some horrific things such as the dog was probably bred or stolen. Then Feed dog food laced in gun powder as it supposedly puts a constant ringing in the dogs ear. Making it very frustrated and mean. then the dog is placed out side in rabbit cages or other small confinements where it is tortured and basically taught by means of the hand to hate people and other animals. They are feed very little.
* * * After the dog goes thru this torture for so long it is placed in a Square Chain link pens with other dogs That have been thru this. of course * they fight to the death While people place bets on which one will come out less hurt. The fights normally last a couple of hours, or when one of the dogs are unwilling or unable to continue. The Dogs suffer massive injuries. For example gashing wounds, ripped cartilage, broken bones, missing skin, blood loss, dehydration, shock, exhaustion ,and disorientation. This would be the winning Dog as for the losing dog would probably be dead. If it did not die it *will die normally from its wounds, or the abuse from the owner as they take out the frustration of the loss on the dog.
* * * *Remember this dog was once someone's valued family pet. *After the fight is over they take the dogs and dispose of them normally in a lake or rural area, or burn the animals. This particular dog was probably left for dead as the people thought it could not live with it's injuries or would take to much time for to heal to fight again. anyway it's a pretty sad scenario And something that happens allot in the United states.

sorry for the book It's just a topic I'm really vocal about.


04-12-2002, 09:12 AM
Man, Bill that was terrible.  IF I could I'd put all those people in the pit and let the  dogs loose on them.  That story doesn't make me feel too proud of being a human being. I know there are good  ones, but those rotten ones really drag us down.


04-12-2002, 09:22 AM

I didn't think to mention this to you before, but:  

There's a place called The Last Post - in New Caanan CT.  It is a refuge for cats.  They have some other animals too, but cats are their big thing.  They have over 600 cats living on premises.  They take them in, care for them, feed them and provide them with a HUGE amount of property to roam on and a HUGE chamber for them to come in out of the storm.

I got affiliated with them a long while back when we got our dog from them and they provided me with traps and the like to deal with the stray problem in my neighborhood - we had 26 of them - I caught them, the Last Post paid for them to be fixed and get their shots and I gave them to people and we kept a bunch ourselves.  There are still 2 at my mom's house, an incredible 16 year old calico who still acts like a kitten and a grey one.

I also boarded some dogs for them when they didn't have facilities for it.

I haven't spoken with them for years now, but they are still there, I believe.  And are open to the public.  In any event, you could give them a call and they may be able to help you.


04-12-2002, 09:30 AM
This year so far there has been 10 repoerts made with the local Police Dept. About stolen Boxers and Pits. there has not been any other breed of dog stolen this year. Right now I have been tracking down breeders. This one breeder is really freakin me out he is Selectively breeding the dogs for the fights. He does not fight the dogs as far as i can tell but sells them to people to fight. He is not running a puppy mill nor breaking the laws in any other way that i know of. He has a strong line going so people are buying the dogs like hot cakes for about 500 a piece. The main line he is pushing is a female Boxer very strong dog with a large size line. And then a strong line Blue Pit. He ends up with dogs that are basicly Pit bull carateristics such as fighting skills. the bonus to him and to the dog Fighters is that the Dog gets Size and brawn from the boxer. So now he has a ne breed of fighting dog. One with skills of a killer, Size to back those skills, and Power to make it happen. I have heard people telling me recently that this man has now Got Massitives in his Kennel I'm sure he will be using them to cross breed. I'm not sure if this man is training the dogs to fight I know he has old auatomoble tires hanging in the kennels. these Tires Are used for Jaw strengthing exersises.

You are so right it is a freakin shame


04-12-2002, 09:49 AM

That's the kind of guy who should be chained to a post and have his own dogs let loose on him...


04-12-2002, 11:48 AM

Your story leaves me red with shame for what a fellow human being could be capable of doing.  

But Brew, your kind hearted attempt to help this poor cat, restores my faith in mankind.  What ever you decide to do, at least you showed some kindness to this cat, and let it enjoy some time to feel like it mattered.  You have done more than most would have.  Well done.


04-12-2002, 10:17 PM
Hi Al:
Unless he is a danger to your other cats, I'd take a wait and see attitude.  Feed him outside for a few weeks and see if he heals.  

I had a cat who slowly lost function of his rear legs over a period of several months.  He was not in pain from the paralysis, but finally reached the point where he had to drag his back half around.  Then he started developing sores and you could see a profound change in his personality.  I could see his quality of life had deteriorated and the time had come.

If the cat isn't going to heal or is a danger to your cats I'd put it down.  Tough call, I don't envy you  :(
Carol :heart1:

04-13-2002, 08:11 AM
Al...  that sucks eh?  I would do the same as you and try and help it!!!!   A couple of questions for you.  Are the cat's eyes running?  Can it walk sort of a straight line or is it weaving?  What does it's fur look like?   the reason I ask this is if it has these symptoms it imo has feline distemper!!  A very serious and contagious disease, please keep your other cats away from it!!!!  I've seen this disease in cats before and it is NASTY!!!!

If it has this the best thing and most humane is to put it down.  This is one of the worst disease a cat can get and the pain they go through is down right heartbreaking!!!!!!
Good luck and let us know how everything turns out.


04-13-2002, 10:36 PM
if its eating like a starved animal.....id say it was hit on the road and lost control of his back legs or has a broken pelvis. is his tail limp? if its limp then he may hav a bladder that is affected .as if they break their tail at the base......they lose blader control and cant relieve themself. so if his stomach gets bloated......and his tail is limp......big trouble.
broken pelvis is very common from road accidents.

04-15-2002, 10:17 PM
Hi all,
Al, Damn man.......I would NOT want to be in your position!  I am a softie when it comes to any animal, especially cats. I even catch Black Widows in my house/garage and set them free outside  :o    EVERY animal on this EARTH has a reason to exist!  I get EXTREMEY PISSED OFF when I see jacka$$e$ treat animals 1/10 their size bad. "Ooooh, your a man, 'cause you can flex your power over a poodle!"  I have a Manx/Persian and he is my precious boy! He has such personality, but most people don't ever take the time out of their lives to observe this in any animal. I think you should follow whatever your heart tells you on this one!    Good luck my friend!


04-15-2002, 10:48 PM
Animals are my soft spot Al, I think you just follow your heart. I've rescued and handfed birds and kittens, sick calves, kittens, dogs and the list goes on. Some have had to be put down but some amaze you. I found a kitten so sick it didn't have the strenth to run anymore. It now lives with some nice people who love him ...they call him Rhett. I found another in a parking lot downtown and he just couldn't get better, no matter what I did. Now I'm watching one of our guinie hens whos leg seems to have been broken, she's eating etc. but hopping on one leg. If her quality of life gets much worse..well, I'm just following my heart on this one to.  take care;   Elaine Bryant     p.s. I have 2 little rescued kittens  that have given us lots of laughter while my husband was recovering from surgery, he was to sick to do much but watch their antics.  

02-07-2003, 09:18 AM
What ever happened to the cat? I have 3 cats all are strays that I picked up off the street. One just a couple weeks ago poor thing looked like an inmate at Auswitz. :'(


02-07-2003, 09:54 AM
Yeah!!!!! What happened to the cat?

inquiring minds wanna know

02-10-2003, 04:03 PM
It disappeared the next day. I think it either moved on or was eaten by the neighbor hood coyotes/great horned owls. I looked everywhere for it but couldn't find it! :'(