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01-18-2003, 04:35 AM
Hi, i've 5 discus in a 2 feet tank. I would like to know the best recommended conditions to rear them. I've heard of gh, ph level, temperatures.. etc...
but i'm absolutely no idea what is conductivity , the hardness of water all that. how do i measure these? As in PH level value, how do you guys know how much from the tap water? can anyone explain to me?

And also my tank reads 31degrees, i've read that temperature is best from 27-30, how do i reduce temperature. using ices i suppose? or refridgerated water? I've a heater that is set to 28degrees but my temperature is 31 degrees.

01-18-2003, 11:24 AM
To check your water conditions, purchase a test kit at a local store or online. You take a sample (5mL) of water, add reagents, and compare the color to the provided card. There have been other posts on this forum describing desirable ranges for discus...please do some research.

31 degrees C = 87.8 F, that is a little high. Check your heater as the thermostat probably isn't working correctly. Try turning it down a few degrees. Good luck.

01-18-2003, 02:08 PM
Is your house 31 degrees? If yes, then your tank will be 31 degrees and thats just fine. If your house is cooler, then your heater OR thermometer are not accurate.

Do you have a store that sells fish supplies near you? You can buy kits to test the Ammonia, pH, NitrIte, and GH (hardness). I have listed them in order of importance.

It is very important to have clean water for the discus. Clean water (free of ammonia, nitrite , disolved food and proteins) is more important than a perfect pH or hardness.

I have moderately hard well water with a pH of 7.8. My discus grow up big and fat.

Carol :heart1:

01-18-2003, 06:50 PM
Fly classic, As Carol said, 31 C is fine. If your fish were adults and breeding--I would recommend you place the tanks closer to the floor where the temperature is cooler.

Conductivity is the measurement of electrical conduction in the water and is calculated in microsiemens. The more salts (buffers and minerals ) the higher the conductivity measurement.I use a conductivity meter especially for my breeding pairs as it is more important at that level as I find it to be more accurate than other test kits. I recommend 65--100 mS for breeding. Small fish ( 4" and less ) is less important as long as it has all the necessary minerals and salts to ensure proper growth and skeletal development. I adjust the water upwards to 350 mS for rearing. HTH, ;) Joe