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02-16-2003, 07:57 PM

I bought 4 Discuses and I dont know what realy I have to do to take care of them and make them bigger?
I can not find any complete help of this fishes and I realy need help ???

Is there any body to help me to find out the best way to take complete care of my new fishes?


02-16-2003, 08:02 PM
First I would spend as much time as you can reading on the forums to gain some knowledge.
For keeping and growing Discus all you really need is regular water changes and a varied diet.
Lots of clean water and good food.
What size fish did you get?

02-16-2003, 08:14 PM
Thanks Dennis it is very interesting that you replay me very soon :D

I bought 4 Discuses and they are in two diffrent sizez, two of them are almost 3 inches and other ones are 1.5~2 inches, but I dont know how old are them? :-\

02-16-2003, 08:44 PM
Most people don't recomend keeping Discus of different sizes together. I haven't had any problem doing this.
Discus are cichlids and can become agressive toward each other. where you run into problems is one will pick on another one to where it quits eating and become stressed and gets sick.
What size of aquarium do you have?
I personally don't recomend less than six fish and prefferable more, as then the pecking order is spread out to where one fish does not get the worst of it.
Please read what you can on caring for Discus as it is a learning exsperience.
They are truely a wonderful fish.
Welcome to simply forum
There are many dedicated hobiest here that are more than happy to help you.

02-16-2003, 11:06 PM
In my opinion the best way to grow out juvenile discus is in a bare tank with just a heater, therometer and filter. 55 gallon is a nice size.

I use a hang on the back power filter filled with sponges inside to grow good bacteria and a sponge on the water intake tube to trap uneaten food and feces. The sponges inside the filter are rinsed carefully in a bucket of used aquarium water every month or so. The sponge on the water intake tube is rinsed everyday under the faucet.

Another popular filter is a simple airdriven sponge filter.

It is a good practise to change 25% of the tank water everyday.

Discus are different than other tropical fish. They need very clean water to grow to full size.

02-18-2003, 01:43 PM
Ali khush amded/welcome at this wonderful forum, u will learn lot here, salam-e-mamnoon

02-20-2003, 02:30 AM
Hi againg,

I saw too many pictures from very simple tanks (with just a heater & filter) for discus ???. Is there any reason to setup very simple tank for discus or not? ???


02-20-2003, 02:47 AM
hi. and welcome. yes there is..they need very clean water and the walls and bottom wiped out. and lots of water changes. if you do have gravel stuff gets stuck in the gravel and soon the fish will not feel well. if you do about 25 percent a day or more...and feed high protein food they should grow well. high protein food is one reason you need the water changes. it fouls the water easily.
the more water changes you can do the better they will grow. kinda like babies. feed..clean the bottom...feed clean the bottom.. use a siphon to vacuum uneaten food and waste .