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06-30-2003, 03:30 AM
i don't know what to do, parents and me had a biiiiig fight, straw that broke the camel's back kinda fight. i had to leave...packed my stuff and am at sister's house. can afford a cheap apartment, but too young too rent :(
i can't go back, don't know what will happen to the fish. i guess i will go back every 3 days and clean em for a while and have mom feed. but i might sell em all
i can't deal with this all right now and i have no one to turn to except you guys. i don't know what i expect you to say and i don't know why i'm writing, guess its just b/c it's either this or go to sleep on a couch thats not my own, this seems like the right choice.
my cars outside, full of everything i own, my unhooked comp is next to me, i'm on an imposter. i feel like a runaway, guess i am.
all i have is $150 in my wallet and a full tank of gas. what do i do? i can't go back, at least not for now. i would tell you what happened, but it's just too hard.
they say if i leave and not say where i go from my sister's they will have the cops after me and i will be in foster care. sounds like a good idea to me...b/c i can't stay here, carrie (sis) has her own life and doesn't deserve my problems. i have a months worth of time in three diff friends houses but can't overstay my welcome. i guess all i wanted to do was vent. i have to go soon, my eyes hurt too much from crying to look at the comp much longer. as i write this it sounds to me like a suicide note. don't worry, its not. just a pathetic attemp for advice. please, no one say "go back to your parents, they're your parents" b/c no, they're not. I can't go on in that hell hole some people may call a house. my brother had enough sense to leave three years ago, guess at 16 it must be my turn. is this what growing up is suppost to be like? i have enough money from my grandpa to start college in december as planned, but no where to go.
i guess i will see what happens this month, and oh yeah, i might have a fish sale coming up :(
ur friend and student,

Lee Discus
06-30-2003, 09:34 AM
why not stay at your boyfriend?

if he really cares he will take you in

06-30-2003, 10:30 AM
I'm sorry to hear that you are at such place in life. This board ,though filled with many caring people, can't help you here... and you need more help than just a place to vent.

I am familar with children from problem families. In my life I have had over 50 foster brothers and sisters, and have 7 adopted brothers and sisters, because my parents have a huge heart. At 35, I am the oldest of that clan. I have seen just about every kind of domestic dispute there is, and the kids always suffer the most. It nevers gets better on its own.

I don't know the nature of the problem, but I know what you need to do... Forget your parents threats of foster care... You need to contact Your states Department of youth services now. Theres a problem here obviously... in your situation they are the best to help you sort it. If they determine foster care is best for you, at least you will not be alone. Getting them involved may also be a wake up call to your parents.

Don't give in to despair over this. This is your life... make the decisions for yourself. Get help.Contact that department of family services before something really bad happens.

Take care,

06-30-2003, 11:04 AM
I started my adult life the same way, at the age of 17. You keep your chin up and ask for help! You'll make it, just don't give up!!


06-30-2003, 11:15 AM
Kim: I've fostered 3 kids from a troubled family. They all turn out to be a nice young men. One of them is now a young Dentist who refused to fix my teeth, a respiratory therapist will not look after my Asthma and the youngest one is doing his Master in nursing who will not come when I'm sick. It always need 2 to tangle. I don't know the nature of the dispute. Discus people always the nicer kind of breed with caring and dedication of what they do. I'm on your side. Whatever the nature of the dispute. It always has 2 sides of the story. Each will claim their own argument is correct at the heat of things. Stay with your sister if she can tolerate your presence without interfere with her life too much and think things over. Seek help from your nearest church and agencies. Let them contact your parents and get them involve to get you two talking. Things will be different when you wake up the next morning. Keep a cool head and never raise your voice when you talk to anyone. Foster parents is not a bad thing if you come under a caring discus keeper like me. ;D ;D Keep smiling and everybody look beautiful when they smile. Keep us posted and don't hesitate to ask for help. Take care of yourself.

06-30-2003, 01:43 PM
well it's the next morning and i feel like i shouldn't be here. i think i will stay one more night then go to my friend erin's. I guess after erin's i will go to the next. i'm almost 18, well not really, but close. and i will probly go back to my parent's for one more year. it's just easier then starting a whole new life over.
i would go to my bfs, but we both have our own to deal with, he has an alcoholic dad he is trying desperately to sober up, he cannot have ppl living there and i understand. its a tough situation with no winners. guess i'll just see what happens. thank you guys for your advice and support, i really need it right now.

06-30-2003, 03:18 PM
Kim: Your last post start making some sense. It's hard for an 18 years old to make it on their own. Look at Harry Potter. He's still live with his mungle uncle eventhough he locked him inside the closet underneath the staircases. He left once after he made a fool with his uncle and aunt only met his Sirius Black dog God father . Almost got run-over and killed by the mid-night express when he ventured out. Take good care of yourself. Home is always a safer place and always have a back up plan before walking out next time. Start going to church and get the church on your side. Hope you will never need plan "B". Your discus need you. GDTWC.

06-30-2003, 09:27 PM
jimmy, aww now i liked that one, partially b/c i'm OBSESSED with harry potter. I would much rather have sirius black as a dad any day ;)
i'm still at my sister's debating whether to go home or not. i miss the fish ;)
I don't think i could give them or this forum up, ever.

07-01-2003, 12:37 AM
Kim: Have you got the Order of the Phonix yet? I have to wait till my daughter finish reading it. I wish she'll hurry up. I heard Sirius Die on this book. Wish he'll transform into a discus and reside in my tank. Whenever you're sad and unhappy. Just think of Harry Potter. You are far more fortunate than the poor soul. Whenever someone yell at you. You just pretend you don't exist and hide in your room. Maybe a house elve will keep you company. ;D ;D ;D do you have your own owl? I have a green singing finch instead otherwise I'll send you a screamer. "Shake your little head and wake up." Hope you feel better by now.

07-01-2003, 12:46 AM
lol jimmy ur awesome!
i hardy think these muggles know what were talking about ;)
yeah i have read thirteen chapters of the order of the phoenix. It's just as awesome as the rest!
i wish i could apparate into hogwarts right now and meet up with harry, ron, and hermionie. i feel like i'm living with the dursley's in number 4 privet drive here ;D
no owl, but i have a big orange cat named crookshanks ;)
kimberly :-*

07-01-2003, 01:12 PM
Isn't Crookshank suppose to be a pet rat Ron had. Aren't U lucky your parents didn't put steel bars on your windows that needs a flying car to rescue you. Here is my cat Tommy. He's deaf, dumb and blind. A pinball wizard. Do you know the story sung by the "Who". It was way before your time. By the way, Have you contact your parents yet. Get your sister to do the dirty work. The sooner the better. Your fish must be hungry. From your pic. I can see your house is nice and neat. Clean cat and good fish. It seems to me your parents are looking after you quite well. Every family has a sad story. I just heard my schoolmate in med. school died from SARS infection in Hong Kong and his wife who is very wealthy and popular for her designer's attire passed away last Friday overdose herself just to be with her husband. A little fight with your parents seems very small compared to someone else problems. Harry Potter is a good example. Take good care of yourself. I've traded my Red Melon Breeding pair in for some exotic Angels and Guppies. Some rare Pearl Scale Golden Koi , Marble brusher, German Blue Blushing and Leopards. It's gonna be interesting. I'll show you some pic. later when they grow bigger.

07-01-2003, 01:22 PM
Kim: Found this pic my daughter took when she bought her first heeled shoes for her graduation. A Hogwart ghost Nearly Headless guarding the shoe. Fan of Harry Potter. ;D

07-01-2003, 03:21 PM
Ron's rat is named scabbers, and herimionies big orange cat is crookshanks, and then theres hedwig and pigwidgeon...the owls belonging to the weasleys and harry :), and nevilles frog trevor.
i went home today, i havn't really talked to either one of them yet. i asked my mom about some soda she bought b/c she usually buys a diff kind, she said "well why should i buy that kind, i thought u didn't live here anymore, buy ur own stuff". well i guess this is just how it's gonna be. it's ok, i'm almost done here. just two more highschool classes and then i'll go to college. I don't mind too much, i'm too busy with work and fish to think about it. well speaking of work, i have to go shower and go, thanks for everything jimmy, and u have a cute cat. hope our harry potter conversations can continue and ur daughter finishes it so you can read it.
kimberly :-*

07-01-2003, 11:11 PM
Good for you. Kim! Just treat them like the Dursley at #4 Privite Drive. Check their back bottom and see if you can find a pigtail from the Dursley boy. Those Mungles don't know what they are talking about. Things will be a lot better to-morrow. Don't forget to Keep smiling.

07-03-2003, 03:29 AM
wow, sorry to hear about all the troubles. it's kinda hard to give much advice when you don't know the situation.

i moved out as soon as i graduated, my mother was impossible to live with and have a life. we still don't get along the greatest but things are ok, we don't fight, although sometimes she throws a fit because i don't visit much but that's another long story.

we're hear for ya, if you lived nearby i'd help you out but thats kinda hard. if you can mend things with your parents and come to an agreement then i would. basically you need to finish school, once your finished with high school, well michigan at least considers you an adult. as you are going on your own and growing up you must focus on a job that will cover your bills, fortunately you have some fish that may help out. since apartments won't let you in, look to houses for rent, find a friend or two that's ready to move out and split the rent. or start searching news ads for roommates wanted. there are quite a few people out there willing to share a room in their house for $200 or so.

as for your fish, i'm sure a simply member would be glad to help you through your tough time if your not ready to sell them. if you have problems you can send them this way but that's quite a ship.

if you need someone to talk to we're here, feel free to drop and email if you like.

good luck!

07-06-2003, 09:53 AM
Kimmy,I don't know both sides of the story,but...Yea there is always a BUT, in my opinion..NOTHING is more important than family...my parents an I always fought over some silly thing or another,so I joined the Air Force as soon as I got out of high school,just so I wouldn't have to live at home...4 yrs away was a good thing ,at least for me,I grew up a lot....We got back together and my folks we always people I could turn to if I had problems...sadly my mom passed 10 yrs ago and my best friend,my dad,passed last yr..so now I can only talk to them in my prayers,not quite the same.
Try to get someone to talk to,see if maybe family services has a councilor (sp) you can talk to,or they may know of another service...if you are planning on going away to college that will cure some of your trouble as you will be away for most of the yr.It is real hard to try to give advice on the boards cuz like I said we don't know both sides,but I would say...try to work things out or at least keep your options open... Good luck with what ever you choose...
Oh I also am a big Potter and gang fan...only took 2 days to read the 5th book,in fact I just read it again....great books for young and young at heart...
Keep your head up kiddo.


07-09-2003, 04:15 AM
i'm home. only another year and a half then yay i'm out. I HAVE MET THE MAN OF MY DREAMS! i'll show a pic. I love this guy soooooo much i cannot see myself with anyone else ever. The other night i was talking to him on the phone and asked to talk to his friend and he said "hey paul, my wife's on the phone, she wants to talk to you!" how adorable is that! we seem to just fit together and i cannot think of anything else. this is the guy i wanna marry. oh my god, it's so fast, but i could marry him tomorrow. he just got out of the marines three weeks ago, he was stationed at pamls 29 but lives only 4 blocks from me, his name is david, just turned 21 yesterday (happy birthday to him)...and he is absolutely wonderful. here he is :) oh yeah he looks sad/pissed...thats not the norm lol