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04-11-2004, 04:36 AM
Ok, I know this is going to be something that most of you all could do in like 10 minutes, but hubby and I arent the most handy of people when it comes to tools and making stuff. Specially stuff that ends up working, so Im kinda proud of our little project. Like lots of folks we have been dragging hoses all over the house, trying to keep our little fishies comfy and cozy,in nice clean water. Well, we came up with this amazing brainstorm to build a drain so that we could eliminate one of those 40 foot hoses. After much discussing (most folks would call it arguing) we came up with a plan. Now the drain was a no-brainer, but figuring out how to keep the siphon was a horse of a different color. Here's what developed. Keep in mind this is a work in progress.

04-11-2004, 04:42 AM
And here is my contribution to the whole mess. Normally I have a long siphon hose with a shut off ball valve and a short section of flexible hose that the individual pooper scooper pipes fit up into. Just a pretty much straight through deal. I have the normal amount of frustration with the hose crimping when Im trying to scoop out that front edge of the tank and when I get the shutoff valve up too high, then the hose tends to crimp in behind it and stop the suction. So this is what I devised.

04-11-2004, 05:00 AM
I started with a 1/2 inch non threaded ball valve. Into one end I glued an elbow that would hold a 1/2 inch cpvc pipe. That was glued in pointing straight downward from the valve control. On the other end of the ball valve, I glued a peice of 1/2 inch cpvc pipe about 6 inches long in place.
On the side with the elbow, I glued 12 inches of 1/2 inch cpvc pipe in place. I cut a peice of 5/8 ID Vinyl tubing about 6 foot long. I coated the 12 inch cpvc with Vasaline and slid the vinyl tubing up the full lenth of the long cpvc. This gives the hose a bit more stability when you want to hang it on the side of the tank for major water removal. I secured this with a hose clamp.
On the other end of the ball valve, I took a peice of tubing about a foot long from a Rena canister filter and secured it to the 6 inch peice of cpvc with a hose clamp. That is the end I use to insert the siphon tube for each tank into to scoop poop and drain the tank. The extra length also gives me some flexability to reach the front corners of the tank.
After I had all that finished and the glue had had time to set up, I tried it out. And it worked!!!! But let me tell you, getting that first flow was no picnic. Nobody ever warned me about how nasty the fumes from that glue would taste when I sucked on the end of the long vinyl to get the flow going....WHEWWWWWWWWWW, NASTY!!!! :puke:
But it worked better than I could have hoped for, cut my work by half at least!!! Next project, get some overflow holes drilled into some tanks...will keep you all posted. ;D

04-11-2004, 11:57 AM
GOD JOB Susan.

I love coming up with DIY stuff like that :D

In fact, I finally got my DIY 50 gallon drum wet/dry filter up and running this weekend ;D


04-11-2004, 01:11 PM
Hi Susan,
Nice set up and I like your little project... as for the overflow holes, I think that would be a good idea given the number of tanks you have... how long does it take you to do your w/c?

fumes from the glue = NASTY!!!!!!!!!! hahaha... sorry you had to learn the rough way... but when I read your post, it did make me smile... been there done that! :) :) :) :o :o :o ??? ??? :( :'( :-\ :-X


Barb Newell
04-11-2004, 04:46 PM
Hi Susan, you and hubby are doing a great job! Way to go :thumbsup: Just think, more fry...... :yikes:
Barb :)

04-11-2004, 05:13 PM
Tinkering and making it easier is fun.

I had a similar setup for a while. Only problem, I would leave the tube in the tank and shut the valve.
Not once, but twice, I filled the tank and had forgot to shut the drain valve and left. With the tube extended to the bottom of the tank, it drained all the water :o
I came back almost 2 hrs later and the fish were flopping and getting burned on the heater. (the second time, my wife found it while I was at work and had to fill the tank again.

Be vigilant and never forget to shut the valve if you leave the tube in the tank. Or remove it each time ;)

Looks like a great fishroom! 8)

04-11-2004, 07:46 PM
Thanks for all the kind words all.

Gary, I really would love to see pictures of that wet/dry barrel. How did you overcome the flowby on the bio-balls?

Bou, it was pretty funny after the fact but a dose of them fumes will really put you off your feed for a bit. Fortunately I have only had to start it that way the first time. Seems to hold its syphon pretty well, even on the bottom tanks. We are still at about 2 hours for a complete waterchange, but I can do that 8 tank rack and 2-125s in about 15 minutes now, versus 45 before.

Thanks Barb!!! I have a pair of Marlboro Reds laying and fertilizing right now, she is a huge producer of eggs so could be a nice spawn. Pics to follow.

Arden, you couldnt be more right!!! I was draining a tank just this morning and something on the computer caught my eye....well, those guys ended up with about a 90% water change in just a FEW minutes...but they are now pecking around at the glass so, who knows, maybe it was meant to be. But I know what you mean, diligence or disaster. And I remove the tube each time, even have a nifty little storage rack for my new toy!!

04-12-2004, 03:31 AM

Great job !!!!

Now come and help me with my screwups !!!! ;D ;D ;D


04-12-2004, 12:50 PM
Im sure I could learn sooooo much from coming and working with you Jack. As for your screw-ups, I'm sure they are few and far between.

04-13-2004, 11:23 PM
Nice work, Susan. I'm still dragging hoses around. I have something in mind, but with my tanks spread all over the house it's a little more difficult.

2 Hrs for a water change? Girl, that's not a hobby...it's a part time job!!!!. You need to go visit Jack for more automation tips.


04-14-2004, 03:00 PM
Its looking really good Susan! Great job! ;)

Wow! 2hrs for WC? And I was complaining about my 1/2hour before! LOL! Well, since I'll got my fishroom, its probably only 10mins! ;D

04-15-2004, 12:29 AM