View Full Version : NADA's first on line discus show

02-03-2009, 10:03 PM
NADA will be starting it's first on line discus show this week. There will be a link added to the NADA homepage that gives more detailed information in the next couple of days. www.discusnada.org

This is a discus contest and not a photo contest. Your discus will be judged using the judging form that Dick Au created.This show is open to hobbyist only so this means no discus vendors. This first show will be for the class blue discus. You do not have to be a NADA member to participate in this show, but you will have to live in North America to receive your prize. We will be awarding gift certificates to Dr's Foster and Smith, first place gets $25. second gets $10. and third gets $5. You can enter a maximum of 3 blue discus.

Some suggestions when you take your pictures. Clean the water spots off the front of your tank before you take any pictures. Also clean the algae from the inside of your glass. Check your camera to see what kind of settings it has. I have an inexpensive Canon A580 and it has an aquarium setting.

You will need to supply two pictures of each blue discus you enter. One picture will be the show picture. The second picture will be the same fish facing the same direction except you will have to have a piece of tape on the tank with the word Steelers on it. Both fish and the word Steelers will have to be in the second picture. I took a couple of quick poor quality pictures to show what I'm talking about. The first picture is the show picture, the second is the verification picture and the third picture is the judging form. I filter my tap water with with peat so this is why the water is yellow. If we get enough entries the show will end February 28th. Good Luck

02-05-2009, 11:01 PM
The link about our first Discus show is now on our homepage. So this means the show has now started. Just go to www.discusnada.org for more information and to find out where to email your entries. This first show is for blue discus so we are looking for fish that are mostly blue such as cobalts, blue diamonds, turquoise and blue pigeons. Blue snakeskins can go either way if it's mostly blue you can enter and if it's mostly striated you'll have to wait for another show. Our judges are John Nicholson and Larry Matincheck. Thanks,