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big mike 13
02-19-2009, 01:37 AM
what else can be possibly said about Kenny that hasnt been said already? Kenny is honest, patient, reliable, hard working, friendly and an overall great guy.
I had the pleasure of doing business with kenny this month as ive been inquiring about discus from him for the past 3 months, so i was a bit antsy once the preview pics hit this month. I called him numerous times, even in the wee hours of the night (well it was later for me than him ha) and he would patiently stay on the phone with me and explain every little detail for hours on end, and i even got to learn a bit more Chinese than the little i knew already, haha. He suggested other strains and im glad he did. The day I received my package he called to make sure everything was okay and when i had a concern he coached me through it. He promised to take care of me and he kept his word, and i appreciate it. I have never experienced customer service like this before.
Kenny's Discus = #1

and finally.. the pics..
the quality of fish has me on the verge of getting a 110 now and getting a few more, my mom says i am never satisfied lol. i will most likely be calling you soon kenny, haha.


02-19-2009, 01:41 AM
Awesome fish and the tank looks great. And I agree Kenny=#1, well Kenny/Forrest. :D

Best of luck with them, real beauties.


02-19-2009, 03:03 AM
Wow, very nice! Looks like you got some of the big boys/girls from Kenny's shipment.

02-19-2009, 03:09 AM
They look great. I'm waiting for my shipment to come in this morning. I can't even sleep because I'm like a little kid waiting on Christmas morning. (Christmas is February)LOL;) Those fish look outstanding. Good luck with getting another tank and keep us updated.

Kenny's Discus
02-19-2009, 09:09 AM
Hello Mike,

Thank you very much for the feedback. I love the condition of your fish in those pics! They looked to have settled in very nicely after just a few days. Great appetite. Thank you for the updated pictures I enjoyed seeing them again. Have the most fun with them many thanks again for the kind compliments it was wonderful talking DISCUS with you, no matter how late it was LOL!:p:)

Eddie, Casper, Josh; THANK YOU all so much my good friends!:)

Thanks Mike, enjoy the new fishes!