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01-16-2010, 08:55 AM
Simplydiscus.com is free forum for Hobbyists to use as source of information on the husbandry, health, and development of Discus keeping as Hobby. No annual fees are charged for membership here or to access the wealth of information provided here. The Forum is privately owned, and is funded by voluntary contributions and by a single flat yearly advertising fee we charge advertisers (called sponsors on this website). All Transactions between buyers and sellers (sponsors) here are private and take place outside of this forum. The forum and its owners receive no commission or fees for a transaction and as such All Disputes over a sale are strictly between Buyer and Seller (Sponsor).

SimplyDiscus and its owners have tried to be selective in our acceptance of sponsors, but there is no guarantee on our part, either expressed or implied as to these private transactions between buyers and sellers. Buyers should exercise due caution and diligence before entering into any sales arrangements with a seller. Check them out, ask for references, search the net and the forum for reviews. Only when satisfied with a sellers credibility, then make your decision as to who to buy from. Being a sponsor here does not imply or guarantee credibility.

Ideally we at Simplydiscus would like Our Sponsors to be ethical in their sales and treatment of customers...It is a requirement of being accepted as a such. This forum and its owners maintain the Right to remove any sponsors that have demonstrated that they are not ethical or fair in the dealings with hobbyists.. That is the extent of the actions and responsibility we have with regards to sponsors, and it is done solely at our discretion.

Purchasing thru Sponsors is generally a safer way to acquire healthy livestock and good supplies..many sponsors here have a proven and demonstrated track record. Purchasing from a sponsor does help the forum by making the site more attractive to advertisers, which in turn funds this site and allows us to do the things we do here....but always remember..it is not a guarantee in any way. Treat buying decisions here as you would with any other major purchase.

Al Sabetta