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02-18-2010, 08:05 PM
I am VERY pleased with my first day of being a sponsor here at SD and showing you my product! Thanks for all the kind words and the PMs with orders I have gotten today! I was smacked in the face, so to speak, when I went to USPS and FedEx to ask about shipping prices. I had no idea it would cost so much to send a 1 lb piece of pottery to someone. I have been worried about it all afternoon. Here is what I will do now. I am going to redesign the cone so it/they will fit into a USPS flat rate box with plenty of packing material to prevent breakage. That way I can charge either $10.70 for a medium box, which will hold two cones, or $14.50 which will hold 4 cones.

My new design, which is one I already have tried, will be a bit easier to make so my prices will be lower. I want to sell these, and make the shipping reasonable, as much as USPS will let me :D. The clay and glazes will be the same. Just a bit different shape, but still with a lip, that will fit the box.

New prices are as follows:
Unglazed clay...$12
Unglazed swirled clay...$14
Glazed clay...$16
Whole cone glazed...$22

Wholesale prices available for orders of 12 or more at a time.

Thanks for the encouragement with my new little business.

02-18-2010, 08:18 PM
No worries Barb, I am sure it will all work out. I'll take 4 swirl cones, via USPS Priority. I will pay any additional costs for shipping. If it makes it any easier, I don't even need the lip on the bottom, just a straight up cone is perfect, it might help in packing the box. Let me know!

All the best,