View Full Version : Wholesale aquatics company in chicago

03-03-2010, 07:06 PM
Do Any of you dealers here on the site sell to Aquatics Incorporated or another wholesaler in chicago?

I ask because i went to an lfs today in indy and they had just gotten in a load of fish, not just discus. the discus they got in were already in thier display, a few were dark(stress it looked like), couple wilds, pb, lss, etc - most 3-4" they had one 6.5 to 7" turq though that was gorgeous... he was dark part of the time - but not all the time, we watched him for about 30 minutes really closely as he swam around thier 250gallon display actively - he would color up then go black color up beautifully then go dark, seemed he wasn't used to people and the fact he just got put in the display about 2 hours earlier.

Well I asked how much and who supplies them. He said aquatics in chicago is thier supplier.... and the price.... 50bucks - so my wife and i looked and looked, both commenting on how beautiful it was and the the nice round shape - anyway it was a decent quality discus, and 50 bucks was a good deal for a 7" turq (imo).... so we bought it hehe - got it chillin in qt for now - its still dark but looks VERY healthy otherwise and lightens up as hours pass. Im really hoping it calms down the next couple days ... when it does I will post pics cause to me the coloring and the brightness of red on the top fins against the blue is beautiful. Funny part is they sold me the 7" for 50 but wanted 100 for a 3" "marlboro red" that was peppered -

Anyway - back to my original question - any dealers sell wholesale to that company? Im just trying to figure out where they are getting them from cause a few were really pretty decent in shape/coloring -