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11-03-2010, 08:04 PM
After reviewing a recent thread on Billy's (billko) planted Osaka 260, which I found to be very, very nice - a 'natural', 'rainforest', or 'plantation' look - call it what you like - I thought I'd add a new thread to show you mine, 'cause I didn't want to hijack, or steal Billy's thunder in any way. He deserves great credit for his work.

My reason for posting is to garner some different views & food for thought, about the evolution discus-keepers go through in keeping & maintaining planted/display tanks.

I found, for example (in billko's thread), that Harriett's comments (as well as some of the others) were very interesting, and her changed (& changing) views on what she had in the past, & what she was leaning to in future, were very much similar to mine.

I've gone through having a very heavily scaped tank, with various subtrates, and with several strains of multi-colored discus -
to now evolving (after many different changes in between), to a more lightly planted tank, low-level, with silica pool sand substrate, and a single strain of discus.
But I really also do like the thin-wood biotopes - with very limited plantings !
Gosh does it never stop ?!!!
Anyway, please have a look at my tank & comment as you wish - I have a thick skin.
The discus are hb Red Snakeskin Forrest youngsters that I got from April about 3 weeks ago. They're barely 3.0", but growing fast with 4-5 feedings a day, and I'm looking forward to seeing their true mature colors develop over the next few months.
The tank is only 6 weeks or so since seeded cycle & full set/up, and the plants will undoubtedly develop & fill out some more with time - (not sure I want that - I usually do heavy pruning).

Here's the links:


Any comments, ideas, suggestions, etc. ??

11-03-2010, 08:39 PM
Very beautifull tank.Fish and plants looks very healthy and i love the blue background.Well done :thumbsup:

11-03-2010, 09:12 PM
Thanks wheels,
Any other thoughts, comments, suggestions, even negative remarks ?
I'm looking for any feedback, not necessarily kudos.

11-03-2010, 10:39 PM
On second thought, I have a negative of my own to start things off.

When I first set up this tank, I started with a whole bunch of dither fish for the first few weeks. Now that I've added the discus, and had a good look, for the past two weeks I've been thinking I'm overstocked in this tank.
I want to be sure to give the discus some breathing room to better promote their growing out.
So, I have decided to remove the small copper rasboras, (12) much as I like them, (but they're very fast-moving school fish), as well as the small number of silvertip tetras,(4) and the rummy-noses (8) - keeping just the cardinals,
(12), the 4 SAE's & 3 Cories.
If any members in Vancouver, B.C. read this, and are interested, they can have these surplus fish for free - very healthy - you just may have to help me catch them, without disrupting things too much ! LOL

bonsai dave
11-03-2010, 11:20 PM
Hey Paul the tank is great and imo all you need is a few branches of manzanita wood in the tank and it will be complete.