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11-21-2010, 10:41 PM
Hello all

My name is Ivo Seabra and i live in Portugal.

I try to find the right section to post this and find here would be right (i think).

Im trying to build a 3 aquariums very small fish room for start breeding discus and i have some questions you specialists may clarify me.

First i was thinking about W/C may idea was to put a small pipe into the aquarium with water coming in all day for a rate of 5 litres an hour for all day witch gives me a total of 120 litres changed per day on a 125 litres tank i think its enought.

Is this possible or it cant be done???

I will not use RO the water will pass throu 2 filter to remove chlorine and small sediments.

This is my first question of many i have.

Thanks in advance for taking some time reading this.

Best Regards

Ivo Seabra

P.S.-Sorry for my really bad English.

Altum Nut
11-22-2010, 10:13 AM
Welcome to Simply Ivo,

It appears that you are trying to construct a drip system which is possible.
Are you on Municiple town water or well water?
Have you measured any readings of water source?
Do you plan on ageing/heating water in storgae barrels and drip into tanks that way or?
What filteration are you planning on to remove such in water column?
Don't worry, your english is perfect.
Let's start with the above questions and I'm sure others will add needed suggestions.


11-22-2010, 11:04 AM
I had a system like that when I first started out. I used drippers that are used in drip irrigation systems. I made an overflow out of PVC which hung on the side of the tank, drilled a hole through the wall of the house and had the excess water running into the garden. It worked fine. Since the water was dripping in and being removed at a slow rate I used water straight from the tap. I didn't worry about the diference in pH or about chorine because the process was so gradual.

11-22-2010, 08:26 PM
Hi thanks for the replies

I have municiple town water, the readings of the water are 6.8 Ph, 3 KH, 3 GH, 0 NO2 and 10 NO3
I dont plan to ageing nor heating the water. Only on winter when the water comes out of the tap on arround 15C for the rest of the year the water comes out on 22 25C.
I will put a Sera L300 air filter on each 125L Cube and an external filter on the 300L aquarium.

I plan on change 50 or 60% of the water every day with this system.

Do you think my water have a good quality to breed discus??

Best Regards

Ivo Seabra