View Full Version : 100 gallon planted Discus Tank. Planning stage. 5x2x18in

12-09-2010, 07:34 AM
So, I know exactly what I want. White sand in the front and big swords in the back. A couple of bits of wood aaaaaand most importantly: The King of the Aquarium.
I currently have a 250 litre tank with 5 1\2 semi adult discus 10 to 15 cm. Also 1 Khuli loach, 1 bronze cory, 2 kribs, 1 fighter, 2 angels, 2 otos, 2 little bns. I will be getting 2 more discus, some corys and some more otos. Filtration: 2217 and a fluval 303.
This will all be relocated to the new tank. I will be adding a sponge filter until I can find another bigger filter to replace the 303; hopefully a 2217 if I can find a 2nd hand one.
I need help working on the substrate. I have been experimenting for the last 9 months in the 250 litre. I have had:
Just sand- no good.
Just aqua soil- no good.
Bare bottom; good for growing juvies or fish rooms, otherwise- no good
I currently have aqua soil at the back with sand on top of it- good, if done right.
I need help with working out how keep the sand and the aqua soil seperate.

12-09-2010, 07:57 AM
Build a wall with flat pebbles or something to separate the 2. google aquatics3 project and you will see a pic of what I mean

12-09-2010, 05:00 PM
Hi goodoo - good luck with your new 100 gal.
Tidbit of advice: I've said this to others, but I'll repeat it to you - keep an eye on those Otos, and I would suggest not adding any more - I've had the experience twice - they may go after the discus' slime coats in time - mine did & I removed them - no damage was done, but it was surely stressing out the discus who had to constantly shrug them off their backs.

As for a planted tank & substrate:
Why all sand 'no good' in your view ?
Many discus-keepers maintain planted tanks with all sand substrate, & have a good deal of success. I do too. No problem with substrates getting mixed together, no cloudiness ever, very easy to keep clean/ siphon off waste - and many plants do extremely well in it, with proper ferts &/or CO2.
Here's my tank for you to have a look - not to show it off, but simply to give you an idea what white silica sand can do to make plant & fish colors pop, while providing a good environment for keeping your "Beauties" ! Just a little food for thought.

12-17-2010, 05:05 AM
Thanks discuspaul. Its tempting do Use only silica sand. I will think about it . Im not worried about the otos. I had a whiptail that did the same thing. A shame he was a stunning fish. I have to find a way to deal with algae.