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  1. SimplyDiscus Premium Memberships

    In case you haven't heard... we now offer Premium memberships.. You get so much value in signing for one. I highly suggest getting a Gold or Platinum Membership to Maximize your value....

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    Premium Memberships are paid subscriptions that allow you, our forum members, to enhance your accounts while also supporting SimplyDiscus. These memberships include enhanced features that are not available on
  2. An Introduction here....Who exactly is

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    SimplyDiscus LLC
    Al Sabetta (brewmaster15)

    Hi all,
    Call me loose in the caboose but I should have done this ages ago and Just never thought to.... so I thought I would remedy that now. Some of you that have been here awhile know me and know about this business of mine, You also know my ethics and how much I put into this forum and the Hobby, and you know the high standards
  3. Just added some pics to my Gallery....

    Was taking some pics of my Red turqs as I fed them Freeze Dried Australian Blackworms (Bio-Pigment Plus cubes)

    Really love this group of Discus...beautiful patterns and healthy as can be. I just moved them from a 75 gal to a 125 gal tank so they can pair up.

  4. Well I am really Thrilled right now.. new projects here at Simply!

    We always try to be proactive here at SimplyDiscus and try to come up with new things or improve existing things. For years now we have had a small group of supporters for this great website... and I have wanted to have something I could give back to these people that go above and beyond to support the forum.

    We finally have a system in place now for that.....we have added Premium Memberships that come jam packed with addition perks and benefits for those ...

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  5. Just testing this feature for possible use latter...

    Well my first real Blog entry here at Simplydiscus... Hmmm what to write... would anyone be interested in my last 48 Hours? launching a new product, answering emails, Pms, complaints, phone calls, locking a thread..trying to help out a few members with some fish issues?

    Did take a break last night at a Pub for one of my brothers Birthday...I know now why I avoid karyoke bars...some people think because they can talk and read a song they can sing....WRONG!