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  1. Black Jack's Story, The tale of a Scalawag: Part One

    Several summers ago my daughter Diana and her trainer Jane decided to go on a trail ride in the neighborhood. It was early summer and the weather was getting hot as summers tend to get in Florida.

    They were having a grand old time talking, the horses were quiet and one of them noticed something black under a pine tree. They walked the horses over to investigate and it was a young crow, feathered but just out of the nest. The crow was sitting in the sun and panting quite heavy. ...
  2. Just testing this feature for possible use latter...

    Well my first real Blog entry here at Simplydiscus... Hmmm what to write... would anyone be interested in my last 48 Hours? launching a new product, answering emails, Pms, complaints, phone calls, locking a thread..trying to help out a few members with some fish issues?

    Did take a break last night at a Pub for one of my brothers Birthday...I know now why I avoid karyoke bars...some people think because they can talk and read a song they can sing....WRONG!
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