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  1. Dennis' Discus Stock November 2018

  2. My 75 gallon and 125 gallon

    Attachment 105181Attachment 105183
    My 125 gal before I found SDAttachment 105184
    My 125 gal after I found SD
  3. My 75 gallon and 125 gallon

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    My 125 gal before I found SDName:  IMG_1567.jpg
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    My 125 gal after I found SD
  4. HALLOWEEN!!."Spooktacular " ** "Discus"R"Us ** October Auction ..Part Two!!!!

    Quote Originally Posted by Second Hand Pat View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by Captain Discus View Post
    Tom here. I would like to bid $350.
    Nice Tom
    Thank you Pat. I still consider myself new but I am learning every day. My wife thinks I am a little tilted off center but she loves all my tanks. all 16 of them!!
  5. Learned the hard way

    2 years ago I decided to try my hand at discus using my LFS guy as my guide. He said I'd have to do weekly water changes. I already did that in my 75 gal, so no problem there. My husband and I took a drive over to Miami and bought 5 discus from Abe Pagoda at Jack Watley's Discus. I had not discovered SD forum and all I can say now is that they are indeed a tough fish. 2 eventually succumbed to my ignorance.
    At that point I think I visited this sites emergency room and read about water ...
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