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  1. An Introduction here....Who exactly is

    Quote Originally Posted by brewmaster15 View Post
    SimplyDiscus LLC
    Al Sabetta (brewmaster15)

    Hi all,
    Call me loose in the caboose but I should have done this ages ago and Just never thought to.... so I thought I would remedy that now. Some of you that have been here awhile know me and know about this business of mine, You also know my ethics and how much I put into this forum and the Hobby, and you know the high standards
  2. Oh No, Lost Crow - Black Jack's Story, The tale of a Scalawag: Part Three

    So the crow is moved to a critter proof outside cage with a couple of perches for exercise. He was feed the first couple of times inside the cage. Important to establish the cage as “home base”. Time to allow the crow his freedom. Up on the roof he goes, now to the tree, back to the roof.

    Ever watch a large bird land on a twig. The crow attempts to land and ends up falling through the leaves until he comes to something which can support him, wings all spread out over the leaves. ...
  3. Poor Homeless Crow - Black Jack's Story, The tale of a Scalawag: Part Two

    So three days later the crow comes back. Tiffany decided he was more then she could to handle, so Jane offered him to me. Of course I jumped on that one. Birds are a passion for me and I’m reliving memories of my childhood crow friends Midnight and Inky.

    So home this crow comes in a cat carrier and he’s eating good, about four times a day. Since I work during the day Diana got to do the mid day feedings. Well, a couple of weeks go by and this crow is growing big time. His flight ...
  4. Just added some pics to my Gallery....

    Was taking some pics of my Red turqs as I fed them Freeze Dried Australian Blackworms (Bio-Pigment Plus cubes)

    Really love this group of Discus...beautiful patterns and healthy as can be. I just moved them from a 75 gal to a 125 gal tank so they can pair up.

  5. Springtime in Florida

    While driving down the driveway towards the house a hawk took off from the fence. When this happens it is usually a sign that spring is around the corner as we have hawks which fly down to Florida for nesting season. A pair of copper hawks has graced a tree behind the barn with a nest several summers in a row raising up to four baby hawks.

    Copper hawks have their own distinctive call and this is usually the first indication I have that they are in the area. I will hear them for several ...
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