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  1. My "peat" rabbit hole

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    As is often with so many internet searches I do, I started at one point and wound up in 13 different directions while researching "peat"moss. How this happened was I recently started putting pairs together and trying to get some breeding going.I have used Peat many times to soften my water and add tannins and lower pH. I like the economy of it.. a big bale of it will last me forever and once I am done, I just add the spent peat to my tomato pots. I have an RO water filter
  2. Some of My Adults

    I thought I would post a few of my domestics and wilds. There are 9 total adult fish (6+ to 7inch). Unfortunately, they did not line up for pics.

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  3. Dennis' Discus Stock November 2018

  4. My 75 gallon and 125 gallon

    Attachment 105181Attachment 105183
    My 125 gal before I found SDAttachment 105184
    My 125 gal after I found SD
  5. My 75 gallon and 125 gallon

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    My 125 gal before I found SDName:  IMG_1567.jpg
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    My 125 gal after I found SD
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