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Just testing this feature for possible use latter...

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Well my first real Blog entry here at Simplydiscus... Hmmm what to write... would anyone be interested in my last 48 Hours? launching a new product, answering emails, Pms, complaints, phone calls, locking a thread..trying to help out a few members with some fish issues?

Did take a break last night at a Pub for one of my brothers Birthday...I know now why I avoid karyoke bars...some people think because they can talk and read a song they can sing....WRONG!

Oh and I spent the last few hours moving and splitting firewood...been cold here and the woodstoves working overtime.

last entry for now, my daughter just approached me about staying home from school tomorrow..shes been under the weather....

Feel like I am talking to myself, but this could work out...usually I'm the only listening anyway!!


  1. cjr8420's Avatar
    i was wondering what this new tab was i hear ya loud and clear
  2. Second Hand Pat's Avatar
    So how does this work. You write up a post or blog and people comment on it?