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An Introduction here....Who exactly is

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SimplyDiscus LLC
Al Sabetta (brewmaster15)

Hi all,
Call me loose in the caboose but I should have done this ages ago and Just never thought to.... so I thought I would remedy that now. Some of you that have been here awhile know me and know about this business of mine, You also know my ethics and how much I put into this forum and the Hobby, and you know the high standards I set for myself and my business. But with all our new members coming onboard all the time, I think I need to post a little on me, , and

A little about me, Brewmaster15..... My name is Al Sabetta, and I am located in Connecticut. I Guess you could say I am the head honcho here at I own this forum, and have been part of it since we started 10 years ago. I am immensely involved in the day to day running of this place along with a team of awesome moderators and admins. I've been keeping various critters for most of my life and I'm a biologist by education. I am a very dedicated father of two great Kids , and am happily married to an amazingly understanding woman. I've made a long term commitment to providing you all this forum to share your Discus passions in...Thats who you are dealing with when you buy from me. If you still want more information about me...thats easy enough to find.... I have over 17,000 posts here on Simply that you can read, and I post as hobbyist in the homestead section of the forum if you want a glimpse at who I am off the forum.

About ... Several years ago I was looking for a way to supplement my income and to help fund the forum as needed. Times were hard, much as they are now. I was approached by Mal Davidson of Australian Black Worms about him becoming a sponsor here... and he offered me a sample of his Freeze Dried Blackworms to try. I was blown away by the novelty of the one else had freeze dried blackworms before and he had the technique down perfect. The Product was excellent and the fish went crazy for it...My fish were hooked but more importantly, I was hooked. So hooked I realized that this was what I was looking for... A product I could sell thru this forum as a way to raise revenue, and something I could feel confident in for its Quality. Mal's system entailed raising the worms in a clean environment, and then flash freezing and freeze drying them by processes that he spent years developing and had total control over step by step. I approached Mal with a request to sell his Blackworms in the USA and Canada as his representative, and thankfully he agreed. That was over 2 years ago and I could not ask for a better product or a better supplier to associate my name with... So That is how came into existence and why. If you still aren't sure about, its reputation, product and service.. take a close look at the threads in my sponsor board, here... and please review my I-trader feedback here...


Personally, I believe strongly in ethics and quality. I try to treat each and every customer as if they were my only customer. My goal is your satisfaction and to provide you with the best fish food possible. When you purchase our Freeze Dried Australian Blackworms, you can be assured that I stand behind the product 100%. You will get an excellent fish food. You will get excellent service. This is a fact or I am not doing my job.

But the story doesn't end there... Not only do you get an excellent Fish food that your fish will love when you purchase our Freeze Dried Australian Blackworms.... but as an added benefit, You will also be generating revenue for this forum. This forum,, and my online store,, are both owned by me thru my company, SimplyDiscus LLC. Guess you could say its a package deal and you could say that our Freeze Dried Australian Blackworms are one of those products that you can buy where you know the money you spent is going back into something you care about... This forum.

Thanks Everyone! If I can be of any help, please let me know. I'm easy to reach.You can private message me thru this forum, or email me at You can also contact me thru our website , WE are also on facebook

Al Sabetta
SimplyDiscus LLC

Wrote this post awhile ago, looks like it would make a good Blog post so here it is....