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Please meet my Penang Eruption Momma and her new Babies!!!!

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New to Simply Discus

I'm Kathy. I recently joined Simply Discus. My husband has been a member forever. I'm so in love with these discus it drives me crazy. I've never had more fun, or excitement, feelings of joy when I quietly watch these beautiful, colorful beings--my discus (who I consider my dear friends--children? Not yet) :o

Discus: Hello World!!!

All that keeping these discus entails, from the conceptualizing of the filtration, plumbing, to the preparation of water, tanks, for them, to the moment where you bring the first one home from the store, and introduce it--was and continues to be a rollercoaster ride for my husband and me. We really LOVE these guys!!!!

All the emotions are there as if we WERE caring for little children, I guess (of which we have none). We CARE about them, WORRY about them, find JOY in them, GRIEVE over them, etc.!!!

I have so much to say but I don't want to bore you so I will close.

One last thing-- I sent a video and some pictures of my Penang Eruption momma and fry to a friend from work. I was dying with excitement and happiness!! Her response? -- "Nice." Ughhhhhhhhh!!!

Maybe my new Simply Discus friends will enjoy them a little more!!

Thanks for reading!

(Didn't know how to attach video yet, so here are a few pictures. Thanks!)
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  1. Jat's Avatar
    Awsm pics
  2. rickztahone's Avatar
    Any update?
  3. craigster's Avatar
    where did you get that discus wow ?
  4. Eddie's Avatar
    That's a nice fish!
  5. Keith Perkins's Avatar
    I'm with Eddie...nice fish. Curious where you're located, I see elsewhere you posted your water temp in Celsius.
  6. Cowgirl79's Avatar
    absolutely beautiful fish! what kind is it? are you going to sell the babies when they're of age?