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Following the Goh Fine Line Leopard Snakes babies Blog

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Here you will find random entries about the development of the group of 25 little ones. No full long winded entries, simply a small update here and there. Enjoy :)

Updated 08-10-2015 at 11:44 AM by rickztahone



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  1. rickztahone's Avatar
    Fed BH last night and earlier today. They devoured it! Also fed Forrests Pellet food. Went down easily. with group by Rick Vasquez, on Flickr

    Here is a shot of the parents: Goh Eng Khoon Fine Line Leopard SnakeSkins by Rick Vasquez, on Flickr
    Updated 02-22-2016 at 09:53 PM by rickztahone
  2. rickztahone's Avatar
    After viewing the group during feeding, it is easily apparant which are the 14 bars and the 9 bars. Im liking the golden faced ones because they show the eye bar much less. The 9 bars definitely have a much more pronounced eye bar.
    Updated 02-22-2016 at 09:53 PM by rickztahone
  3. rickztahone's Avatar
    Funny story, my wife tells me yesterday, "Thank me, I saved one of your fish!". I said, "thank you, but how did you save one of my fish?". She tells me that one of the little ones went in to a worm feeder cone and was stuck in there. It must have taken a lot of skill to achieve that because the gap is super tiny. She said she laughed for a while. Her and my daughter promptly named it, but it got lost in the mass of the large group shortly there after, lol.
  4. rickztahone's Avatar
    ...and they are doing great! They aren't as skittish. I removed the sponge filters from the main tank because they kept hiding behind them. Kind of ticked me off so I put them in the sump. Surprise, surprise, they come out and explore now! They have been eating BH 2 times a day and pellets in between. I am not power feeding these like I use to with my other grow outs, but I am not use to dealing wish such small discus, and their bellies always look full!

    Anyways, enjoy some pics
  5. rickztahone's Avatar
    So far these guys eat whatever I throw at them. They've had the following already :

    Bills BH flakes
    Forrests D4 pellets

    They are still skittish but just a little less than when I first got them
  6. rickztahone's Avatar matter how hard I tried to baby proof the overflow, one of the discus still made it to the outer box, lol. I happened to see this when it happened and I shut off my filter. Not sure what would have happened to the little ones otherwise...

    Lucky day for Nemo
    Updated 02-22-2016 at 09:48 PM by rickztahone
  7. alcastro's Avatar
    Told you lol
  8. rickztahone's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by alcastro
    Told you lol
    lol, since then, no "Nemo's" have tried to get in the overflow. They are getting a bit larger in one week plus a few days. They definitely eat everything I throw in there but still run for the hills when I am near. I do not Tip-Toe around the tank, so I'm hoping they will adapt soon. The biggest one of them all is starting to show a hint of blue on his dorsal and anal fin. Pretty cool.
    Updated 08-20-2015 at 09:02 PM by rickztahone
  9. rickztahone's Avatar
    Almost 2 weeks these little ones have been in my care. They get daily 60% WC's because I am still getting ammonia readings. I believe this to be a false positive due to "SAFE", but still don't trust the instinct enough to let it slide. They are still a bit skittish, but less so. My son really does a number on them when he constantly walks up and down in front of the tank. He keeps his hands in check, but once in a while he gets that urge.... :-/

    They do look a little bigger to me, but it is hard to tell. The "boss" as Al so eloquently named him, is starting to get caught up with at least 2 other discus. He (the boss) is now running the show.
    Updated 02-22-2016 at 09:47 PM by rickztahone
  10. rickztahone's Avatar
    I kept counting and counting yesterday but every time I did I kept coming up with 24. Not sure where the other one went. I checked everywhere as well as outside the tank for a dried body, but no luck
  11. alcastro's Avatar
    You lost Nemo
  12. rickztahone's Avatar
    So, after a few weeks of having these guys, I remember WHY I had headaches before when raising discus! I have such a bad memory that I forget to do the most mundane tasks.

    This is the list of things I have done WRONG so far in the discus care:

    I have forgotten to close the ball valve at least 5 times now after draining the tank. This means that when I am refilling the tank, all that water is simply going back out of the tank. When I realize it, I have usually dumped about 15g of water out of the tank. In 2 instances I actually dumped more water out and I actually had to use cold hose water to finish topping off the tank. The discus did NOT like that. Luckily my heaters are quick to get the temp back to speed, but my tap water has way too much oxygen and small bubbles are an issue.

    I have also forgotten to UNPLUG my aging barrel heater when transferring water from aging barrel to tank. I'm surprised I have not cracked the heater yet. I actually did this last night and I had a "slap my own forehead" moment once again. Temp seems to be rising still, so I will assume it is still working properly.

    I have also THOUGHT that I turned off my water pump in the aging barrel to tank and added a few more gallons of water than necessary to display tank. Almost flooded the thing twice! Sump was at a very high level!

    The one thing I haven't seem to have done, and thankfully, is forget to add safe to tap water in the aging barrel. I hope that doesn't happen, but with my memory, I am bracing myself for when I actually do have that happen.
    Updated 02-22-2016 at 09:55 PM by rickztahone
  13. rickztahone's Avatar
    Starting to notice some nice shape and similar characteristics in the 14 bars.
  14. rickztahone's Avatar
    So I noticed something in the last couple of days. First of which is that out of the 24 discus I currently have, 12 of them are 9 bar, and the other 12 are 14 bar! What are the chances? Also, I noticed that the 14 bars are sticking together and the 9 bars are more free roaming. I thought it was a coincidence yesterday but I noticed it again today while they were eating. Almost all the 14 bar were sticking together in a tight group. They eat just as much as the 9 bars, but they are not growing at the same pace. You can tell their shape is also different, more what you would expect from an asian bred discus. Lastly, the 14 bar ones are yet to show any sign of coloring up whilst the 9 bars are getting a lot of color in dorsal/anal fins and some spots in the body.
  15. rickztahone's Avatar
  16. rickztahone's Avatar
    I've had to increase the FDBW cubes from 2 to 3 now. They are devouring it now and they are getting more expensive to feed! lol. I will be making a home made BH mix here soon as I am running out of Al's BH.
  17. Discuschill's Avatar
    Thanks, Rick, for such a wonderful play by play. Learned a little and really am excited to see how these fish and ours color up. Seems to be taking way too long! I asked a question about a BH recipe recently, because we too are running out of BH we bought, and frankly it's a little expensive at this point.

    Don't feel frustrated if you make mistakes at all. I think that is the nature of the beast, but I think you probably know way more about it than I do. Will continue to watch and read. Thanks!!
  18. rickztahone's Avatar
    Well, the guy we named "The Boss" has now developed almost ALL color and some really nice spotting. I have 1 discus in the group which is stunningly beautiful. It is a blue based one with somewhat of a leopard and turk look. It is difficult to explain, but this little fella has great potential. His shape is excellent as well. Of the whole group, there are a few, I'd say 3 at most that look like they are well behind the curve. Additionally, there is 1 with short gill plates. This may be a cull for me as I wouldn't want to let someone buy it from me with this defect. It is sad too because other than the gill plate issue, it is a nicely shaped one.

    Will keep this thread updated.

    Discuschill, I will continue to update, and I am sure continue to make mistakes, lol.
  19. rickztahone's Avatar
  20. rickztahone's Avatar
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